Echoes From the Campfire

Time has a way of going on…  It takes away the old things we been used to.  We can’t hold them forever.”
              –Elmer Kelton  (Barbed Wire)

    “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don’t be led astray by various kinds of strange teachings…”
              –Hebrews 13:8-9 (HCSB)
Life does not give us any guarantees and it continues on.  With it comes changes, just as seasons bring changes to nature around it, so does life.  Life also brings changes that are brought on by many.  As man continues to bow to the technological, altar changes will continue to take place.  Now, don’t get me wrong, some of these changes are good, some of them will lead a person down the road to perdition.  Some changes we can’t avoid.  I looked in the mirror the other day and that once, ahem, beautiful face of mine has some furrows in it, and my goodness that moustache even shows some gray.  Hmmm, might be best if I avoid a mirror in the future.
    However, no matter what comes, no matter what season of life, no matter what new thing that man concocts one thing for sure is that Jesus never changes and His Word is forever.  Read the following note written by a captive Union prisoner in a warehouse in Richmond during the Civil War.

         Many around the room are reading the Book of God, recalling a Mother’s tender teaching or a father’s revered example in a bygone lapse of years.  Others are pacing up and down in silent thoughts; whilst all respect the sacred day and its sacred, solemn duties.  As the hours pass on, quiet conversation and warm intercommunion of sympathies and future friendship occupy our little band until the evening meal.  At seven o’clock we assemble for divine worship…  Silently and reverently, we listen to God’s holy Word from the lips of our estimable chaplain, Rev. John W. Mines of Bath, Main [who says], “We want you to place your souls in the hand of the Almighty God…”
         The evening closes quietly; and as the officer of the day commands, “Lights out!”  We retire to our straw beds, fully trusting in our God, that he will soon restore us to our beloved ones. (Terry Tuley, Battlefields & Blessings)

No matter the circumstances, such as these men held as prisoners, they have the Word of God to turn to.  In their depression and melancholy they have the Word to lift their spirits.  There is hope, maybe not in deliverance from their captivity, but in the power of His might.
    The voices around may entice us to capitulate.  Then you can be released from the horrible prison you find yourself in.  Compromise is the answer.  No!  Hold tight to the truth, the one thing that will never, ever change.  When you hear people say they have another truth, or say that truth is only what you feel, then reach out and grasp tighter to the never-changing hand of Jesus.
Today in the Texas Revolution:  Juan Seguin and his relief forces encounter the Goliad advance while waiting on Cibolo Creek.  Seguin is informed that Fannin was en route to relieve the Alamo defenders and should only be about two days away.