Echoes From the Campfire

Come along boys, and listen to my tale,
         I’ll tell you of my troubles on the ol’ Chisholm Trail.”

    “When we were actually with you we gave you this principle to work on: ‘If a man will not work, he shall not eat.’ Now we hear that you have some among you living quite undisciplined lives, never doing a stroke of work, and busy only in other people‚Äôs affairs.”
                   –2 Thessalonians 3:10-11 (Phillips)
I’m not a person that gets easily perturbed.  Once in a great while something agitates me and riles up the ol’ gizzard.  That’s one reason I quit watching the news with all the lies and hatred that’s being spewed.  One thing for sure, you surely know who their “father” is.  But I read something on FaceBook, of all places, the other day that just jerked my jaws.  I’ll pass it on to you.

         “Hi, I finished my free trial of adulthood and I’m no longer interested so I would like to cancel my subscription.  Is there a manager I can speak to?”

    That just brought the gall up.  That’s part of the problem that I see our nation facing–the lack of adulthood.  I’ve written here before that I once had a student ask me if he was a “man.”  I replied, “do you accept responsibility; if not, then you’re not a man.”  So-called adults jumping from one job to another, others wanting the loans they took out for college removed, complaining about this and that, wanting more and more handouts (socialism).  Where is the responsibility?
    There are far too many people who want to join Peter Pan out there somewhere is Never-Never Land.  My Mom spent most of her life working two jobs.  Why?  It certainly wasn’t because she planned on becoming rich.  I asked her one day why she worked so hard and so much and her reply was that she liked to work.  My Dad said that the most important lesson that Grandpa taught him was the value of working hard.  Do a study on work sometime, and don’t forget the Scripture.  It seems that the greatest form of natural joy is the fulfillment of a good day’s work.  There should be satisfaction in work.
    We could sit down and discuss the reasons why adults-by-age do not want to be an adult.  Look at many of them.  They spend money, time, and effort on entertainment.  Part of the problem we have created by not wanting to hurt their poor little self-esteem.  Now, the real world has smacked them in the face and they look and scream for an excuse.  Forget it dumplin’, life’s not fair.  There will always be some kind of “taskmaster”, and if you get your desire of socialism you’ll see a true picture of a harsh taskmaster.  In fact, he will eventually require that you take a “mark” if you want to feed yourself.
    Wake up while there’s still time.  Soon it will be too late for a person to work.  Soon a  job will be required and it will cost you everything, including your soul.  If you want to speak to a manager, do so now.  He is waiting and willing to hear from you.  He will not cancel your subscription to adulthood, but if you want you can remove yourself from His grace and mercy.  Right now He is expecting you to do what He has called you to do.  Straighten up, be the man or woman that God has called you to be.  Work at your job with vigor for the Lord so that no one can call your work into question and therefore bring shame to the Lord who has called you.
    Oh, and thank the Lord that it’s Friday.  But remember, Saturday is not for play.  Work around the house, do something with the family, but whatever you do remember the Lord and His goodness to you.