Echoes From the Campfire

Money will buy a man anything but his own destiny.”
              –Luke Short  (The Branded Man)

    “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”
              –1 Timothy 6:10 (NKJV)
Money, the love and seeking of it, has probably destroyed more people than anything else.  That’s perhaps one of the reasons that this ol’ fence post has done his best to keep from being a millionaire.  However, in this world, money is needed, if for no other reason than just to pay the bills that are necessary and those added because of wants and desires.  God has given some the ability to make money, and He expects them to be good stewards of it.  To others He has given other talents and abilities.  The following is a story of a man who was given a precious gift by the Lord–read it carefully then thoughtfully.

    “Is there a hell?
         “Once upon a time a person was touched by God, and God gave him a priceless gift.  This gift was the capacity for love.  He was grateful and humble, and he knew what an extraordinary thing had happened to him.  He carried it like a jewel and he walked tall and with purpose.
         “From time to time he would show this gift to others, and they would smile and stroke his jewel.  But it seemed that they’d also dirty it up a little.  Now, this was no way to treat such a precious thing, so the person built a box to protect his jewel.  And he decided to show it only to those who would treat it with respect and meet it with reverent love of their own.
         “Even that didn’t work, for some tried to break into the box.  So he built a bigger, stronger box–one that no one could get into–and the man felt good.  At last he was protecting the jewel as it should be.  Upon occasion, when he decided that someone had earned the right to see it, he’d show it proudly.  But they sometimes refused, or kind of smudged it, or just glanced at it disinterestedly.
         “Much time went by, and then only once in awhile would one pass by the man, the aging man; he would pat his box and say, ‘I have the loveliest of jewels in here.’  Once or twice he opened the box and offered it saying, ‘Look and see.  I want you to.’  And the passerby would look, and look, and look.  And then he would back away from the old man, shaking his head.
         “The man died, and he went to God, and he said, ‘You gave me a precious gift many years ago, and I’ve kept it safe, and it is as lovely as the day you gave it to me.’  And he opened the box and held it out to God.  He glanced in it, and in it was a lizard–an ugly, laughing lizard.
And God walked away from him.
    “Yes, there is a hell.”
              (taken from Lois A. Cheney, GOD IS NO FOOL)

This story is about the precious gift of love.  To love, means that there may be hurt, disappointment, and other things that may sully the gift, but the gift must be used.  What was it I wrote earlier in the week from Erich Fromm, “Hate is not the opposite of love.  Apathy is”?  Not to care about others is a waste of the gift of love.
    Besides love, there are other gifts from the Lord.  This could be applied to any of those.  If you have been handed a precious gift from the Lord, and everyone has, then use it for Him and His glory.  Don’t let it become an “ugly, laughing lizard.”