Echoes From the Campfire

I would say you are richer than you know.  You have a house, some cattle, you have food, and you have each other.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (A Man Called Noon)

    “Not that I speak from [any personal] need, for I have learned to be content [and self-sufficient through Christ, satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or uneasy] regardless of my circumstances.”
              –Philippians 4:11 (AMP)
Before I give a couple of thoughts about contentment I want to share a story.  So many times we misuse or do not understand what a word means.  I recall an old Gene Autry movie (yes, I’m that old) where a woman from the east was posing as a cattle owner.  A reporter asked her what type of cows she raised; she was dumbfounded until she spied a can of evaporated milk, then she replied, “contented cows.”
    I believe one of the biggest problems in our country is the lack of being content.  “More, more, give me more,” is the cry.  People wait in line for hours for the newest phone or gadget because they are not content.  Never satisfied–there has to be something to rant against.
    I also believe that contentment is akin to thankfulness and having a grateful heart.  To be content means that one is grateful.  Every Thanksgiving my Aunt Bern used to call my Mom up to thank her for telling her about a job at Safeway.  Bern was always content with what her heavenly Father gave her.  There was a job opening, Bern went for an interview and worked many, many years after that at Safeway, first in the bakery that was just opening, then in the meat department.
    Here is a little something for you to ponder for Thanksgiving, or anytime for that matter.

         I weight not fortune’s frown or smile;
            I joy not much in earthly joys;
         I seek not state, I reck not style;
            I am not fond of fancy’s toys:
         I rest so pleased with what I have
         I wish no more, no more I crave.

         I quake not at the thunder’s crack;
            I tremble not at news of war;
         I swound not at the news of wrack;
            I shrink not at a blazing star;
         I fear not loss, I hope not gain,
         I envy none, I none disdain.

         I see ambition never pleased;
            I see some Tantals starved in store:
         I see gold’s dropsy seldom esed;
            I see even Midas gape for more;
         I neither want not yet abound,–
         Enough’s a feast, content is crowned.

         I feign not friendship where I hate;
            I fawn not on the great (in show);
         I prize, I praise a mean estate,–
            Neither too lofty nor too low:
         This, this is all my choice, my cheer,–
         A mind content, a conscience clear.
                   –Joshua Sylvester

To all my readers, friends, and family–have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Dig into that turkey and dressin’, but don’t forget to save room for the pie.