Echoes From the Campfire

They were sitting in the shade watching weeds grow.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to keep some folks entertained.”
               –Lou Bradshaw  (Blue Valley)

     “The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”
               –Isaiah 40:8 (NKJV)
What is it within man where he seeks to be autonomous?  Of course it is the fallen, sinful nature, but that same nature cries out for God.  Some are able to squelch that sound, but it is still there unless they have hardened their heart against it.  Man, from the Fall, seeks to be like God, and at times seeks to usurp God.  The sin of Satan.  Satan (Lucifer) was made the model of perfection.  He was perfect, the only thing is that every time he looked into the throne room of God he saw more than perfection. 
     If man can’t make himself God, he will make other gods.  It might be money.  It might be power or fame.  It might even be a lifestyle or a famous person.  Whatever and whoever you make your god, that will determine how large your faith is.  Faith in self?  Hmmm, not so big, unless you think you are standing on a pedestal and if you think that be ready for a fall.  Let me share something written a few years back by Air Force Chaplain, Harry B. Ansted.

          “Show me the size of your God, and I will show you the size of your man.  It is easy to make little gods.  In Isaiah’s time they made gods out of wood and stone.  Life was cheap; man was expendable.
          We make little gods too.  Often we think our gods are big and powerful.  We see the thrust of power in our military weapons and think this will save us.  Sometimes we stand in awe of people of great importance and wonder if we are worth anything at all.
          When you God is small like this, then your life is so meaningless that you give yourself to something which eventually destroys you.
          The God of Isaiah was big.  He was so big that the nations were like a drop from the bucket.  When God is big, you become a person of importance.  The fear of losing yourself is traded for confidence and faith because you belong.  No more need you hang your head in feelings of worthlessness and failure.  Therefore, when everything else seems to be crumbling before your eyes, you can have faith in a big God who builds you up rather than tears you down.”

     When man becomes autonomous there is no limit to the atrocities that he may perform.  We are seeing played out right now in our country is the result of man having himself as a god, or the results of the concept that there is no God.  Such foolishness, but it is dangerous.  As I wrote yesterday, it is selfishness gone mad.
     In all things–seek God.  And never forget, in the midst of the chaos around you, He is in control.  Turn to Him!