Echoes From the Campfire

As long as we are in this world and among all the evil we’ll be touched by some of it.”
              –Cliff Hudgins  (Viejo and the Ranger)

    “Have you not brought this on yourself, in that you have forsaken the LORD your God when He led you in the way?”
              –Jeremiah 2:17 (NKJV)
I sincerely apologize.  I have to run out early and hurried this morning.  Need to drive an hour for a special procedure.  The doc wants to make sure the heart is ticking all right.  So, I’m giving you a devotion by Lois A. Cheney from her book, GOD IS NO FOOL.

         A long time ago
         God spoke to a man
         And the ground around the place where
         God was speaking was so holy that he made
         the man take off his shoes, just to stand

         When God’s house was new,
         Only certain very special and very holy
         people were allowed into its center, where
         God himself lived for it was so holy.

         When they were carrying God’s house
         From one place to another, one of the holiest
         parts, the part that held God’s very
         words, slipped, and a man
         (he only wanted to help)
         reached out to keep it from falling, and
         God struck him dead,
         for it was so very holy.

         This holy God,
         From time to time,
         a long time ago,
         talked right out to certain holy men
         like Abraham,
               and Moses,
                  and David,
                      and others.

         We have crosses for earrings
         And crosses for necklaces
         And wallet size pictures
         of Jesus
         in living color.

         We have little saints
         for our cars;
         And we sometimes
         start important
         football games
         and baseball games

         And the God
         the Holy God
         who spoke to a certain few,
         a long time ago,
         talks right out
         to no one…
         as far as I know.

         God have mercy on us.