Echoes From the Campfire

If he managed to escape with life, it would make a good tale for the bunk house some night; if they were killed it was in doing their duty—it was all in a day’s work.”
              –Clarence Mulford  (Bar-20 Days)

    “Always remember that Jesus Christ, a descendant of King David, was raised from the dead. This is the Good News I preach.”
              –2 Timothy 2:8 (NLT)
We live in a time of postmodern deconstruction.  Part of the purpose of that, and of socialism (aka, communism; Marxism) is to undermine the history of a nation.  Change the history, tear it down, do away with it, they clamor, ah, but history cannot be done away with, it can only be hidden.
    There are purposes behind statues and monuments.  They are to remind us, not only of great men and great deeds, but also of the time in which they were done.  They are to remind us of a day and for us to contemplate why and what happened–to learn from it.
    There are instances in the Bible where we see that God told individuals to set up memorials.  They were to be recalled by the people as a remembrance of what God did in the lives of Israel.  Memories are vital to a healthy today and tomorrow.  History links the past with the present so that we can learn from it and become better for it.  So we can see the sacrifices that were made.
    I want also to say that there is power in memories.  Look at the following by Robert W. Burns:

         “Memory is dynamic.  Sometimes we think of memory as passive; but far from being inert, memory is one of the greatest powers we have, making possible the retention of part of the past and the rejection of the rest.  Memory is part of the area of our mind which influences below the threshold of awareness.
         Memories have mighty power to strengthen our relationship with God.  Wherever we may go, God is there, the same God who revealed himself to us at home.
         Memories have mighty power to sweeten our relationships with each other.  Husbands and wives, when separated can remain faithful by the remembrance of their mutual loyalty.  Memories can mend a broken heart or encourage a discouraged person.
         Memories have mighty power to sustain us individually.  A man’s real wealth is his memory.  Memories have the power to make us bitter and unhappy, or gentle and happy.  Through memory we can enter the life of any person in his time of need by recalling a similar experience ourselves.”

    True, there is a warning we should heed in regard to memories.  It is two-fold:  first, we do not live in our memories, they are there to bring a smile, to be used when others are in need.  Second, memories if not looked at with proper perspective can bring regrets.  “If only…,” “I should have…” and on we could go.  That’s one reason memories are important, so that today we can look at the past, make wise decisions so that when we get become more of a refined and aged person that we do not look back with regrets.
    Look at the admonishment of Paul in the above Scripture.  “Always remember Jesus Christ…”.  Remember His sacrifice and His reason for coming to earth.  Remember how He has helped you in the past.  If He helped you there, won’t He be ready to help you again?  Why do we look to men and women of the past?  To understand that if God was there to help them in the time of need, in the time of turmoil, in the time of ideological confusion, that same God–Jesus, will be with you to help you.