Echoes From the Campfire

He has to worry about what might happen, so he will be ready for it if it does not happen; and the only thing he can’t be downright sure of is that if what he was afraid of doesn’t happen, something else will.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Chancy)

    “So brace up your minds, and, as men who know what they are doing, rest the full weight of your hopes on the grace that will be yours when Jesus Christ reveals himself.”
              –1 Peter 1:13 (Phillips)
I can stand to be around most people, that is when I want to be around people.  However, there is one group that just makes my stomach churn.  If anything can come close to putting me in a rage it is this type of person–the whiny baby!  There seems to be more and more of them showing up.  Smiles that gloat, but don’t dare ask them for an honest day’s work.
    The sniveller that is very annoying is the one who says “it is so hard to be an adult.”  Poor baby, boo-hoo.  Get on with life!  I have many thoughts regarding adolescence, most are not so good.  The old days are gone, at least in this country of going from childhood to adulthood.  We have stuck that awful version of “teenager” in the middle.  Perhaps it was necessary with the schooling that is now required, but in that same schooling we have coddled the juveniles for fear of hurting their self-esteem and have created a new being, call them the:  snowflake, the twinkie, the cupcake.
    These are those who are now currently crying out for the minimum wage to be raised to a ridiculous amount.  Why, well, their reasoning is absurd, but underneath it is that they can’t handle more than an entry-level job.  These are also the same ones who are crying for their student loans to be absolved, to be cancelled.  Why?  It’s a debt and they should have counted the cost before they took out the loan.  These are the same ones that are begging for socialism; they want you to give your hard-earned money to them, the reason–so they don’t have to work.  That shows how much they know about socialism for in that type of economic/governmental system the “state” places you in a position and the “state” gives you quotas.
    So hard, oh so hard to be an adult.  Well then, you probably weren’t raised to accept responsibility.  I had a student once ask me if I thought he was an adult.  My response was, do you accept responsibility?  He sort of hung his head and walked away.  I hope he has learned some lessons.  One of the most important things a parent can do is to “train up a child.”  Training involves discipline.  The job of the parent is to get a child ready so they can be an adult, not a whiny baby.
    The whiny baby is seen in Proverbs 26:13, “…There is a lion in the road!  A fierce lion is in the streets!”  The next verse continues, “As a door turns on its hinges, so does the lazy man on his bed.” (26:14, NKKV)  Can’t you just hear the sniffing and the whiny as he makes the excuse, “I can’t be an adult, I can’t go to work–there is a lion out there”?
    One more thing to consider were the whiney-babies that Moses had to deal with.  “Oh, no, we’re but grasshoppers; they’ll kill us,” and with that whining they wandered in the wilderness until they were all day.  Beware of the whiners, the snowflakes, the twinkies for they will most certainly cause you problems.  Just think, whine, whine, whine and they were kept out of the Promised Land.
    So “brace up your minds,” or as the NKJV states, “gird up the loins of your minds,” or the NASB, “prepare you minds for action”!  Don’t be a namby-pamby, frilly, whiny baby sort of person.  Fulfill your purpose, grow up, face what the Lord has allowed come your way whether by your own foolishness, someone else’s, or the devil’s evil plans.  Just for goodness sake–quit whining!