Echoes From the Campfire

My God is all around me, in the sunshine, in the air, in the humming bees and whispering leaves and murmuring water.  I feel him everywhere, and in me, too!”
              –Zane Grey  (Wanderer of the Wasteland)

    “For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.”
              –Philippians 2:13(NKJV)
                   It is truly wonderful
                   What the Lord has done!
                   It is truly wonderful!
                   It is truly wonderful!
                   It is truly wonderful
                   What the Lord has done!
                   Glory to His Name.
                          –Barney E. Warren

Perhaps it is because I need it, but the chorus of this song has been going through my mind the past week.  I’ve mentioned before how that happens.  We live in a time of complaining, murmuring, terror, and fear.  Yet that is not to be the attitude of the believer.  The Christian should recognize and walk in step with God.  Why is it truly wonderful?

         He pardoned my transgressions,
         He sanctified my soul;
         He honors my confessions,
         Since by His blood I’m whole.

He has pardoned our sins.  Not only the sins I repented of when I first came to know Him, but He does it everytime I ask Him.  He is in the process of sanctifying me, and oh, what a process it is!  He has purchased me, redeemed me, with His precious blood.

         He keeps me every moment
         By trusting in His grace;
         ’Tis through His blest atonement
         That I may see His face.

         He brings me through affliction,
         He leaves me not alone;
         He’s with me in temptation,
         He keeps me for His own.

I honestly do not understand why Christians  should choose to live in fear.  Either God is our Father and will take care of us, or He isn’t.  We either trust Him, or we don’t.  We cannot live this life for Him in a haphazard manner.  He does keep us every moment.  Even in the midst of trials, storms, and the corona, He is keeping us.  We sometimes, no, we often forget that He is most concerned with our spiritual condition rather than our physical condition.  That does not mean that He does not care for our well-being for that is part of us.  He understands what we need to grow closer to Him.
    No matter the situation, He is there with you.  You are not alone as you trod through this world of sod.  When we walk in His steps it is much better for us, yet when we get out of step He is there to pull us back to Him.  We have two requirements:  trust in His grace and not in our own good works, and to realize that we are His therefore we should obey His commandments and be holy.  Remember, we are saved by grace not works, but because of that grace we do the works for the Father.

         He prospers and protects me,
         His blessings ever flow;
         He fills me with His glory,
         He makes me white as snow.

         He keeps me firm and faithful,
         His love I do enjoy,
         For this I shall be grateful,
         And live in His employ.

I think that Christians too often forget who they are in Christ.  We walk along ready to jump into the “slough of despond” instead of enjoying the blessings that God has given us.  It is not our strength that keeps us along the way; it is through Him that we can make it through this life, therefore, we should not be down in the dregs.  Are we thankful and rejoicing in and through everything?  If not we should be.

         There’s not a single blessing
         Which we receive on earth
         That does not come from heaven,
         The source of our new birth.

There is much talk about the kingdom and how we are to live in it now.  That is true to an extent, just realize that we are pilgrims on this earth.  The blessings we receive now are only a smidgen compared to what they will be when we reach that heavenly portal.  We do not live in heaven now, but we are constantly on the move (or we should be) toward that city where Christ is the light.  In saying that, our load should not be heavy, our steps should not be dragging along, but there should be a lightness in our step as we recognize that “It is truly wonderful what the Lord has done!”