Echoes From the Campfire

Sometimes I think the knot-heads in this world are taking over.”  
               –Lou Bradshaw  (Man With No Face)

    “The words of his mouth begin with foolishness, And the end of his talk is raving madness.”
               –Ecclesiastes 10:13(NKJV)
                 “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”
                              –John 14:1 (NKJV)

    There are many believers who are making themselves sick because of a troubled heart or mind.  They live in despair, despondency, fear, and anxiety and this then produces more troubles in the heart.  Why are so many believers fearful?
    I think that one reason is that there is a lack of sound doctrine being preached today.  Paul exhorted Timothy and Titus to “guard the truth.”  Our foundation, therefore our lives must be based on sound doctrine.  But, how can this be if the people in the church do not hear it?  Many Christians today have their foundation built upon an emotional experience, upon hype rather than in the truth of God’s Word.  Many Christians will even go so far as to say “in my opinion” rather than “thus saith the Lord.”  When we do not know God’s Word fears can assail and overcome us.
    So many cannot be still in front of the Lord meditating and contemplating upon His Word.  Lloyd-Jones said, “The greatest need of men and women in this world is the need of what is called ‘the quiet heart.'”  Even in church there is a tendency to let the emotions rule instead of quieting the heart to rid it of trouble.  People today are restless, fearful, and how do they try to overcome it–by more emotion.  There is a false teaching regarding worship–it is not hype; it is recognizing the Person of the Almighty God in all of His glory.
    In this world of turmoil there is the need of a quiet heart.  In this time of fear and depression due to a “virus” we need a quiet heart.  In the day of riots and terror there is a need of a quiet heart.  “My heart will not be really quiet until I have been told the very worst and faced it, and then I can surmount it.” (Lloyd-Jones)  Look at the world, not the fake world of the media; it is full of lies, turmoil, death, sickness, and then look into the truth of God’s Word.  Let the words of the Holy Spirit then begin to flow into your heart.  In the midst of all the world has to offer, our hearts need not be troubled.
    I urge you, as 2021 begins to get into the Word of God.  Tell God your difficulties and problems and troubles then delve into the Word and let the words begin to sooth, to calm and to comfort you.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you and to do that there must be a time of quietness, a time when you can listen to what He has to say.
    Rest in the calm assurance of His quietness; let Him ease your troubled heart.  Rest in Him!  Make the chorus of Manie P. Ferguson’s hymn bring a calmness to your soul this New Year.

         “Bless quietness, holy quietness,
          What assurance in my soul!
          On the stormy sea,
          He speaks peace to me,
          How the billows cease to roll!”