Coffee Percs

How’s about some more coffee?  I sure like your make of it.  Strong enough to tan your boots!’  The ex-cow-camp cook brought up a cup and the pot to the table.  ‘I oughta know how a cowhand likes it,’ he said.  ‘I’ve made coffee enough to drown a thousand head of steers!’”  
              –Louis L’Amour  (“More Brains Than Bullets”)

ZING!  My mercy, Pard, it’s already over!  January, I mean.  Can yuh believe it?  Let’s lift our cups of hot coffee in tribute to what has been.  Wooeee and the things that have happened!  Thinkin’ ’bout such things, I’m sure glad I made the coffee plenty strong this mornin’.  
    This ol’ fence post might be a little shaky because of the years, but one thing for sure I have even common sense to see what is happenin’ in this country ain’t good.  That bureaucrat who is leading this country is leadin’ it right down the tubes.  He is fully behind globalism…hmmm, isn’t that what the Antichrist will do, have a global government?  I think he is quite power-hungry!  He has issued three times as many executive orders as Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton combined.  Whew, with that thought I need another cup of coffee.
    I don’t understand it all, Pard, not sure I want to, but this ol’ world is headin’ right where the Lord wants to be goin’.  People get the kind of government they want, or think they want.  Then we have this smart-alek, has-been who makes a flippant statement telling the workers who lost jobs on the first day of this administration that they can make solar panels.  Nice guy.
    Another cup?  I see yur’s is empty.  Let me tell yuh, Pard.  No matter what comes about, the Lord is still my provider, and I’ll think I’ll tag along with Him.  He knows every obstacle on the trail.  Better trust Him now, for He’ll be the one who’ll help yuh pass through that dark veil over the Great Divide, unless that trumpet sounds and He comes to take us home.  Talk about ZING!  It’ll be faster than that; faster even than us drinkin’ that pot down to the dregs.
    Yuh be watching for there are evil folks along the trail.  Keep yur eyes on the horizon and on that eastern sky.  Hmmm, I sorta think that the angelic wranglers may be checkin’ the cinch on those horses in the heavenly corral ’bout now.