Echoes From the Campfire

Man builds up a pretty schedule of ideals—and life knocks it flatter than a pancake.  When I’m old and shot and look back down the crooked trail I hacked out, I think I’ll be kind of sad at the fine thoughts I threw overboard.  But I think I’ll also hope to hear somebody in the hereafter say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’”
              –Ernest Haycox  (Whispering Range)

    “What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Certainly not!”
              –Romans 6:15 (NKJV)
This week I have given a brief overview of How to Live in a Pagan, Apostate, and Foolish World.  Life is not easy, but once we have determined that we will stand no matter the difficulty, the issue, the perplexity, the foolishness, or the persecution we can go forward much easier and have within our hearts the peace that passes understanding.  In the midst of the cancel culture we have a firm foundation–a trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.
    To end the week I want to let us calm ourselves from politics, the religious lies, the woke stupidity and relax in the assurance that God has everything under control.  I want to give you what I call the Great Certainties.  The main idea of each comes from Lloyd-Jones.

         1)  “We know we are of God!”
                –Christian are people who are certain.  The lies of the devil cannot change that fact.  We know, that we know, that we know we are of God.  Nothing, no one, can take that certainty from us.
         2)  “We know the world lies in wickedness.”
                –This world is under the powerful of the evil one.  This will be discussed more thoroughly later, but understand that this world is evil and full of deceit.
         3)  The world may change on the surface, but it is always under control of evil and sin; it will always be the world and will never get better.  People who believe the world will become better are living under an illusion no matter who is President.
         4)  “The evil in the world cannot be taken out; it is to be destroyed; there is to be an ultimate climax and there will be a terrible end.”  Woe unto the inhabitants of the world until the Millennial Reign of Jesus.  There may be revivals until the Rapture, but the world will continue to deteriorate.

    I want to leave you the words of this grand hymn of comfort, written by Louisa M. R. Stead, for you to relax in, rest in, take comfort in as you go back over and contemplate the introduction to How to Live in a Pagan, Apostate, and Foolish World.  

         ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
         Just to take Him at His word;
         Just to rest upon His promise;
         Just to know, “Thus saith the Lord.”

         O how sweet to trust in Jesus,
         Just to trust His cleansing blood;
         Just in simple faith to plunge me
         ‘Neath the healing, cleansing flood!

         Yes, ’tis sweet to trust in Jesus
         Just from sin and self to cease;
         Just from Jesus simply taking
         Life and rest, and joy and peace.

         I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee,
         Precious Jesus, Saviour, Friend;
         And I know that Thou art with me,
         Wilt be with me to the end.

                  Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him!
                  How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er!
                  Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
                  O for grace to trust Him more!

Yes, I’m so glad I learned to trust the Lord.  He is precious, He is Savior, He is Friend…  I have a Comforter to guide, keep, and help me along the way.  But, oh! I need to learn to trust Him more!