Echoes From the Campfire

Black or white, right is right and wrong is wrong.  It doesn’t make any difference.”
              –Elmer Kelton  (Badger Boy)

    “He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.”
              –Psalm 112:7 (NKJV)
         “The spiritual leanness of so many Christians today is a direct result of getting into the flesh–trying to do kingdom work in our own power, with worldly methods.  Our values are becoming perverted.”
                   –David Wilkerson

Look around at those proclaiming “cancel culture” and see what is truly happening.  I am convinced that much of what is being said is to line the pockets of those already rich.  Find out who is making the money and you’ll find out who is pulling the strings.  
    Who does it benefit to change “culture”?  We should be concerned, yet we should be able to keep our sense of direction.  We are heaven bound.  Our values, our morality are based in the Word of God.  To live in this pagan, apostate, and foolish world we must dwell in the Word, we must have it etched deeply in our hearts.  I read a great article/sermon by David Wilkerson from which the above quotation is taken, he went on to say, “I confess to you that it has taken years for me to live only for eternal values.”
    I believe there are those especially called by God to preach the gospel and build the kingdom.  Wilkerson, Moody, Nee, Spurgeon, Graham and so many others.  However!  All of us are called to be a light where we are, whether in school, at church, on the job, at the ball park, anywhere and everywhere.  We must seek Him more and more each day if we are to survive in this evil world that is under the control of the “evil one.”
    Before going to sleep every night I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me a “midnight hymn.”  That is to say if I wake up during the night the words of a hymn will be in my mind, and there when I get up in the morning.  At the very beginning of the week I heard this in those early morning hours when I wakened.

         “Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus
          Daily let me go;
          Higher, higher in the school of wisdom,
          More of grace to know.”

Those words were penned by C.P. Jones and are so very true for the hour in which we live.  Daily to go deeper in Jesus.  Daily to grow in grace.

         “Deeper, deeper! blessed Holy Spirit,
          Take me deeper still,
          Till my life is wholly lost in Jesus,
          And His perfect will.

It may take a lifetime, and most likely will to get deeper in Jesus.  That is the job of the Holy Spirit to take us deeper and He yearns to do so.  What keeps Him from doing so is our self-centeredness and our self-interest.  We need to let go of our life and be wholly lost in Jesus and follow His perfect will which we can find in the Bible.  Let the Holy Spirit take you deeper.

         “Deeper, deeper! tho’ it cost hard trials,
          Deeper let me go!
          Rooted in the holy love of Jesus,
          Let me fruitful grow.

          Deeper, higher, ev’ry day in Jesus,
          Till all conflict past,
          Finds me conqu’ror, and in His own image
          Perfected at last.”

Do not shun the trials and the troubles that come.  Let the Holy Spirit use them to develop you in Christ.  It may be a pestilence, a pandemic, a storm, suffering, or other things that are forced upon you.  The key is to stay in God’s Word and to seek Him in everything you do.  Perfection?  Not in this life, but one day–one day we shall see Him face to face and we shall be like Him.

                   “O deeper yet, I pray,
                    And higher ev’ry day,
                    And wiser, blessed Lord,
                    In Thy precious, holy word.”

We are to live by eternal values, not the values of a “woke culture.”  We are to go deeper into the Word of God, not listen to the voices of puppets and entertainers.  Take me deeper, O Lord, I pray and then lift me up into the heights of Your love.