Echoes From the Campfire

The one law that does not change is that everything changes, and the hardship I was bearing today was only a breath away from the pleasures I would have tomorrow, and those pleasures would be all the richer because of the memories of this I was enduring.”
                –Louis L’Amour  (Galloway)
      “My son, fear the Lord and the king; Do not associate with those given to change.”
               –Proverbs 24:21 (NKJV)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
My mercy, I looked in the mirror on Friday, and I was surprised at what I saw.  I figured that there would be the dashing, athletic person of yesteryear, but what I saw was that age had creeped in.  Why some of my hair was gray, and so was my moustache.  My blue eyes must have faded (probably due to overwashing my face) because I remembered them as a deep blue.  Age had made some changes.
     I can remember diving for ground balls, and sliding headfirst when taking an extra base on a hit.  Now, sometimes the old  hips ache when crossing the room.  Working hard all day was no problem, now I need a nap between each job, and mostly they are little jobs.  Hiking through the wilderness, man I could move, but now it’s hard to hike to the kitchen.  Age, yep, it’s made some changes.
     My eyes are still good, my hearing is good (at least to my way of thinking, I’m not sure if Annie would agree).  If needed, my reflexes are still fairly good, but depending on the move I may feel it hurt some later.  Age does that; it has a way of creeping up on you.
     While I’m at changes, you may have noticed that I’m using a new email provider–gmail.  I’ve been having so many problems with my old one, earthlink since they changed and updated their system that I decided to change.  We’ll see what happens.
     Listen, change is inevitable, but also get this:  change is not necessarily good, and at the same time it is not necessarily bad.  All change must be looked at with proper lenses.  If someone asks you to change or compromise something contrary to God’s Word, that is bad–do not do it!   There are many clamoring for Christians to buy into the changes of cancel culture, woke, BLM, and other nonsensical things that are not Biblical.  In fact, because of that you might find yourself changing acquaintances, careers, places you shop, types of entertainment.  Change will happen.
     As we are led by the Holy Spirit we should see changes in our lives.  We might see changes in vocation, and we might change some of the ways in which we think.  However, be sure the change called for is from the Holy Spirit.  He will always be in line with the Bible.
     One more thought about change.  We serve a God that never changes.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  In fact, there is not even a shadow of turning in His actions, His words, His promises.  We can live in this world of change knowing that we have a God that never changes and that is true for eternity.