The Daily Paine

This world promises us so much.  Why, what can be denied, just look at the commercials on TV?  Drink this and you will have fun and all of the women/men you ever dreamed of.  Drive this car and see what will happen.  Dream big, the world awaits you.  Come on people, let’s party-hardy.  This gives me the good life; one that is robust.  What is the old beer commercial, “Go for the gusto!”?
Be careful, for it is all deceitful. There is only the illusion of happiness, and it is only for a short season.  Change it for the song that can only come through the Holy Spirit.

          “There is a song in my heart today,
           Something I never had;
           Jesus has taken my sins away,
           Oh! say, but I’m glad.”
                    –Jas. P. Sullivan

You may have found this life to be dark and dreary.  There is no sunlight and only darkness pervades.  It seems to be an unending night with no hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Maybe you’ve even been dragged down to the pit of despair and darkness.  You live in a cave and never venture out or hope for the light of a better and brighter day.
     However, if you let Jesus take control of your life; allow Him to remove the sadness and sorrow then you’ll be able to sing even in the darkest tunnel.

           “Wonderful, marvelous love He brings,
            Into a heart that’s sad;
            Thro’ darkest tunnels the soul just sings,
            Oh! say, but I’m glad.”

More and more as we travel through this world of care we need to realize that the Holy Spirit gives us a special song to sing.  The world can be rough and wear on the soul if we let it, but through the Spirit we can rise above those wearisome days.

           “We have a fellowship rich and sweet,
            Tongues can never relate;
            Abiding in Him is a real treat,
            Oh! say, but I’m glad.”

Give Him a chance and you’ll never be sorry.  Give Him your cares and you’ll see He is the great burden lifter and bearer.  Give Him your sadness and weariness and you’ll find that the way is much lighter and brighter.  The so-called “good life” of the world will be dim and truly look dreary when you have that song in your heart that He has given you.

           “Won’t you come to Him with all your care,
            Weary and worn and sad?
            You too, will sing as His love you share.
            Oh! say, but I’m glad.

                    Oh! say, but I’m glad, I’m glad,
                    Oh! say, but I’m glad;
                    Jesus has come and my cup’s overrun;
                    Oh! say, but I’m glad.”