The Daily Paine

One thing I just do not understand.  I am told that it is to get people in the mood, and I wonder, “in the mood for what”?  Why are sanctuaries now darkened?  Churches I have been to over the past decade darken the sanctuary and I am told that it is to create and atmosphere.  Darkness creates what type of atmosphere?  And why, oh why, turn down the lights when people are called to the altar.  The altar itself represents fire for the sacrifice was to be lain there and burned.  Goodness friend, we should be moving from darkness into light.  Just read the words by R.E. Hudson.

          “Do you hear them coming, brother,–
           Thronging up the steeps of light,
           Clad in glorious shining garments,–
           Blood-washed, garments pure and white?”

We should be moving from the darkness into the light.  We are wearing shining garments, garments washed in the blood of Christ.  Have you ever wondered how being washed in the blood, cleanses and makes garments pure and white?  Hmmm, put away darkness, and listen to the stirring anthems.

          “Do you hear the stirring anthems
           Filling all the earth and sky,
           ‘Tis a grand, victorious army,
           Lift its banner up on high!”

Sorrow may loom over us from time to time.  Storms come, but they will pass.  Sin may come at us to destroy, but hang on, hang on, there is victory on the horizon.  We may be beaten down for the day, we may cringe at the sounds of the night.  But tomorrow, tomorrow promises blue skies, the storm will have passed and there will be victory. 

          “Never fear the clouds of sorrow,
           Never fear the storms of sin,–
           We shall triumph on the morrow,
           Even now our joys begin.”

Walk through this life with a praise that comes from the heart.  We do not conquer, never think that the victory is yours, but it is the Lord who is the conqueror.  It is He that conquers the sin that touches us.  It is He that conquers the storms and tells them to be silent.  It is He who gives us the victory; it is not of ourselves.  And then there will be that day; that glorious day when we will finally reign with Him.  There will be that day when there is true and complete victory.

          “Wave the banner, shout His praises,
           For our victory is nigh!
           We shall join our conqu’ring Savior,
           We shall reign with Him on high!

                    ‘Tis a glorious church without spot or wrinkle,
                    Washed in the blood of the Lamb;
                    ‘Tis a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle,
                    Washed in the blood of the Lamb.”

So if you have those days when you feel some pain, maybe some burning, perhaps it is the Lord simply doing some ironing.  The “Bride” will wear spotless clothes, and they will be starched with no wrinkles.