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I almost never take the complete thought of a person and copy it for a Paine.  One reason is that there are few out there that I trust, the other is that I like to give my own thoughts on a subject.  Sure, I’ll use ideas and thoughts from others, but most of the time it comes from my gray matter.  However, Dave Roever is an exceptional person, and I wanted to share what he wrote in his newsletter.

“Tired of the political trashing going on in America?
It never seems to end. I just want a break for a while. I’m as patriotic as a man can be, but with all the clamor going on for so many years from both sides of the aisle, it leaves me exhausted. I don’t watch the news like I used to. I don’t even read the headlines. I just didn’t know people could be so downright vulgar and disgustingly self-righteous.
When I find the time to watch television it’s funny to discover that the old westerns are the cleanest. However, I can’t help but laugh when I see the never-ending shootings, hangings, and fist fights that were brought to the big screen forty years ago. Why is it so funny? It is a different social engineering agenda today, but the violence is more intense than ever. Unfortunately, it is reflected in our society through our youth. The murders in Chicago are the product of a festering sore brought on through the same source that started it all … Hollywood with the portrayal of continual violence followed by their hypocritical outcry of the evil gun industry. I absolutely abhor violence, but the combination of hatred in politics and the violence in the movie industry mixed with the numbing conscience of sexual debacle, is a devil’s brew of insurrection in the cauldron of the human mind.
It is in the mind, indeed, where the battle for the soul and spirit takes place. Paul wrote in the New Testament that it is with the mind we serve the law of God and that we are transformed by the renewing of the mind.
There remains one and only one solution. It is not the cutting off of the hands of the thief. It is not an eye for an eye. The solution is the spiritual awakening of a dying conscience in a sleeping giant.
In other words…we need Jesus. Why Jesus? Why not Sharia law or no law at all? Because any law that does not teach forgiveness can only exacerbate the problem. Jesus came for that purpose, above all … to forgive. Until we find it in our hearts to forgive we cannot be forgiven. Then and only until then can we address the issues of our sick society. The law of the New Testament is written in the heart and mind, not in stone.
What people fail to realize is that the law of the spirit that holds us down is not a restraint. It is in fact, a liberty.
The story is told of a little boy who was flying a kite. The kite said to the boy, “Let out the string! I want to go higher!” The boy complied and let out more string. This continued several times until the was no more string to be let out. The kite then demanded of the boy “Cut the string so I can go higher!” The boy cut the string and everyone knows what happened next. The kite began its long fall to eventual destruction. The kite’s tail was caught in an electrical power line where everyone could see the disastrous consequence of the law of nature, which is no different that the law of the spirit. It’s a law. It is not negotiable. It is, simply put… THE THING THAT HOLDS YOU DOWN IS THE THING THAT HOLDS YOU UP!
The current mindset of “Don’t tell me what is sin! ” and, ” Whatever feels good, do it,” has a predictable outcome. It will wind up with its tail caught in the high line for everyone to see its sad end.
No law … no freedom. It’s that simple.”

What an time we live in!  Stay true to God’s Word!