The Daily Paine

This is holy week.  No, the week and days itself are no holier than any other week, but the events that took place were touched by the holy One.  This was the week that Satan and evil tried to destroy the Son of God.  This was the week that they took Jesus to task, and tore at His human body.  This was the week that sent Jesus to the grave.  Jesus was dead; there is no question about it.  It was sin that killed Him; your sin and mine.  There are no thoughts in death, but the soul continues to live.  After death–what then?

          “Low in the grave He lay–Jesus my Savior!
           Waiting the coming day–Jesus my Lord!”
                    –Robert Lowry

I cannot get my mind around the those three days in the tomb.  The questions that must have been in the minds of the disciples.  The events that were happening in the realm of the supernatural, what were they?  I have read and heard suppositions of what took place, but we really do not know.  Were the demons celebrating or were they fearful?  Did evil really think they could destroy God?  Did they think that by destroying the “God-man” they were victorious?  Talk about Jesus taking something meant for evil and turning it around into glorious victory!  Did they really think that by sealing the tomb they could stop Power itself?

          “Vainly they watch His bed–Jesus my Savior!
           Vainly they seal the dead–Jesus my Lord!”

I don’t think that Jesus laughed.  I don’t think He even gave a shout.  However, I do think that there was a supernatural explosion that took place.  The earth shook when He tore the bars away. There was a shaking on the earth, but it was even greater in the supernatural world.  Released in the presence of God were the saints of the old covenant.  Their faith was in this day; the day the Messiah would claim victory.  They had seen the types and symbols, but now, here He was in His splendor and glory.  Was there a smile on His face?  I believe that the supernatural forces saw the same picture of Jesus that John wrote about in the first chapter of Revelation–the supreme power of the universe–Jesus Christ, the resurrected Lord!

          “Death cannot keep his prey–Jesus my Savior!
           He tore the bars away–Jesus my Lord!

I seldom get to hear this song anymore.  The church has become too enlightened, too sophisticated to sing this glorious hymn.  However, it is my favorite and it is one of those that sends the shivers up and down my backbone.  Victorious is our Lord and Savior for He arose the Victor from the grave, hell, and the dark domain.

                    “Up from the grave He arose,
                     With a mighty triumph o’er His foes;
                     He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
                     And He lives forever with His saints to reign,
                     He arose!  He arose!
                     Hallelujah!  Christ arose!”

We should go back to the greeting of those in the early church.  When they would happen to meet each other one would say, “He is risen!”  To which the other would reply, “He is risen, indeed!”