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Well, this is it, that day has come,
The Paine is over for now, but don’t be glum.
Summer’s come, but that too will pass,
The Paine will return just as it has done in the past.

Now here I sit, and let the mind to wander.
The summertime will help the mind to ponder.
Time to relax, and think through the hours
And maybe take the time, to just enjoy the flowers.
(Very poor poem based on an old Jim Reeves song)

But here it is the last Paine of the year. Next week, maybe, there will be something coming from ol’ Ira, but who knows when or where. Keep looking, don’t dare neglect to check if there is something there for you. Hopefully, there have been one or two this year that has caused some kind of stir in your gray matter.
Summer, for teachers, is a time of rejuvenating and refreshing and gaining strength for the upcoming year. A time of relaxation, well, maybe at first. More like a time of change of routine. Perhaps, with the chance for ponderin’ I’ll have a few ideas when school begins again. Doesn’t look like I’ll get up to the High Lonesome, but sure hope to get out somewhere for a spell.
For fans of Miles Forrest, I’ll do my best to see that he is active through the summer, and there most likely will be the Saturday Coffee Percs. Instead of the Daily Paine it will be coming as Echoes From the Campfire: Summer Edition.
Do not neglect your walk with the Lord and the reading of His Word. Be sure and keep your guns oiled, both real and spiritual. Do not neglect to spend time with family and friends. Do not neglect to notice the things around you.
Be a person of courage and stand for what is right; be a person of the Cross. George H. Morrison wrote, “It were better to empty a church and preach the cross, than to fill it by keeping silent like a coward…. Religion can never be pleasant entertainment. When the offense of the cross ceases, it is lost.”

Ira Paine

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.”      –Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NASB)

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