The Daily Paine

What is largely missing in American life today is a sense of context, of saying or doing anything that is intended or even expected to live beyond the movement… .  We have become so obsessed with facts that we have lost all touch with truth… .  Consider this paradox:  Almost everything that is publicly said these days is recorded.  Almost nothing of what is said is worth remembering.”      –Ted Koppel

“Many people seem to think they can make others fall in with Christianity best by bringing it down to their standard.  As if the nearer you bring Christianity to the world, the more likely the world will be to embrace it… .  No, the true way is to exhibit righteousness and the world in strong contrast, or you can never make sinners feel the necessity of a change.”         –Charles Finney

Circle the 8th of November on your calendar.  Things will definitely change no matter who is elected.  Possibly the most important change will occur because the possibilities with the Supreme Court.  We are definitely living in challenging times.

The buzz right now is Donald Trump’s language eleven years ago.  I saw a comment that was pretty good.  People/the media are concerned with Trump’s words, which is not to excuse them, but don’t seem to be bothered by a man going in a public restroom with your wife or daughters.  Crazy!  Or is that stupid?!

There is that comforting promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  My pastor preached a tremendous sermon on it last Sunday.  However, as he was preaching I began reading the rest of the chapter.  Oh my…verses 12-17 speaks of what God will do if His people obey, repent, humble themselves and are faithful.  Verses 19-22 speaks of what will happen when God’s people do not humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways.

1)  uproot from soil I gave them,
2)  banish the temple and it will become an object of scorn In other words, abandon God and He in turn will abandon you.  He will bring ruin upon them and the nation.

Christians should take heed if they see things contrary to God’s Word.  When moral standards change and go against God’s Word and Christians tolerate, compromise, or become complacent, then there is not only a danger to their soul, but also to the nation.

So where is the nation?  Is it 7:12-18 or 7:19-22?  I have no clue if the cup of iniquity is full for America, only God knows.  However, I do know that I have an obligation, whether anyone else heeds or not to “humble myself, pray and seek His face, and turn from my evil ways.”