The Daily Paine

We mutually pledge to each other, our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”
–last phrase of the Declaration of Independence

That was an unique group of men; those men that signed that document that led to our independence from Britain.  Now that document did not make us free.  There were eight years of warfare.  Civilians, men who were not used to being soldiers, were put to the task of securing the freedom of what was to become the United States.  Two severe winters, one at Morristown, the other at Valley Forge, were survived and out of those times came an army.
This phrase epitomized the thought of those men who signed the Declaration.  Most folk today probably understand the concept, at least to a degree of giving one’s life and fortune for the cause of America.  However, we do have some jerks who take a knee during the National Anthem and it isn’t to pray.  Would they give their lives or fortunes?
Look at the last part of that phrase, “our sacred Honor.”  That’s a laugh anymore.  Tell me which of the bureaucrats in office understand honor, much less the sacredness of it.  What does a name mean anymore?  Do you carry within your being as you go through the day that principle of “sacred honor”?
We are in a testing time in this country.  Commercials and media drive us crazy; hmmm, where is their sacred honor?  Liars, cutthroats, extortionists, are trying to run the country, when in actuality it was set up to be run by the representatives of the people.  Of course, much of the blame lies with the people themselves.  So much of our election process is built upon perception and emotion, not on an educated electorate, and that was a fear of the Founders.
I recently came back across an article written by GB Oliver in which he writes.  “Governments possess no power, only force.  The power resides in the people and, when they exercise their powers, it creates life and energy; the force of government robs its people of energy.  Power arises from meaning, driven by motive and principal.  Force is incomplete and creates nothing, therefore, it must always move in opposition against something.”  When an oath was taken and men gave their sacred honor to uphold their ideals it once meant something, now we see those who strive for leadership positions and their cronies, the media, trying to manipulate the people.
Know what?  They do a good job of it.  Guess the question for all of us is–where is our sacred honor?

“Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people.”
–Proverbs 14:34 (NASB)