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“It’s a fact that you’re gettin’ older
Man don’t it seem like the winters are colder
You get tired so easy and you can’t stand the heat.
That’s just the ol’ cowboy blues
When you wear out your first pair of house shoes
It don’t get as much done and work ain’t as much fun
As it used to be… .”      –Dan Roberts

Call it the end of the year slump; call it the effect of breathing in too much of the aroma of red ink; call it just plain tiredness, but the old gray matter is not generating too many thoughtful thoughts. What is the old saying? The get up and go has gotten up got. Maybe it’s just me getting along in the years. I remember when I was just as fresh as the end of the year as I was in the beginning, in fact, I would be gearing up for the next year.
I look at some folk around and say to myself, “Goodness – the things they can do for their age!”. Then I look at others and say, goodness they are in bad shape for their age. Perhaps the thing to do is to try and maintain, and continue to strive to get better. I know there are things I can no longer do, and definitely things I would no longer even try to do. However, I’m not totally ready for my rockin’ chair (at least permanently). There are times when I sit, but I do try and at least ponder in those times.
In the Scriptures I read about those in their “ripe old age” and wonder if that means they are getting a little aromatic. Maybe it means they are wrinkled like prunes. Being ripe could also mean, not worth eating, or being around; folks who are just kind of soft and squishy.
One thing that is good–God doesn’t age. He doesn’t get older, even though He might be called the “Ancient of Days.” He is the same; He is constant. In fact He promises that He will be with me in my old age, just like He was in my youth. Perhaps even more so, because I am able to take the time and recognize Him more. When that day comes and I am confined to my rockin’ chair, I know He is there to carry me to and fro. In fact, He promises that, “I will be the same until your old age, and I will bear you up when you turn gray. I have made you, and I will carry you; I will bear and save you.” (Isaiah 46:4, HCSB)
So perhaps, between now and the end of the year, I might come up with a few thoughts that will get you to pondering. Perhaps there might still be some kind of inspiration or even maybe some agitation to your gizzard. (I can usually watch the news, especially the politics if I need some added bile and gall to my system.)

Ira Paine

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