The Daily Paine

You know, I don’t know what gets me the most:  the whiny-babies or the idiot-protestors.  On top of it some newscaster said on election night that all of America is crying.  I don’t think he got it either; at least half of them didn’t.  What can a person say?  Just shake your head at the stupidity.
Tell me what burning the American flag and breaking windows of private individual’s business has to do with protesting the election of Donald Trump.  Counseling, missing class, mercy me!
     Time!  That precious commodity; wait, that’s not right.  It’s not a commodity, it is actually a gift and we will be held responsible for how we use our time.  I recall a poem from Waddie Mitchell, “Another Day” that has an interesting note on “time.”

          “We set our place, we set our pace
               we fill our calendar
           We haven’t any time to waste
               so, we must whip and spur
           Go, seize the day.  God, make the hay
               the sun won’t always shine
           And nothing takes forever
               ‘specially, running out of time.”
“It will be a sorry day for this world, and for all the people in it, when everybody makes his moods his masters, and does nothing but what he is inclined to do.  The need of training the will to the performance of work that is distasteful; of making the impulses serve, instead of allowing them to rule, the higher reason; of subjugating the moods instead of being subjugated by them by them, lies at the very foundation of character.  It is possible to learn to fix the wandering thought, to compel the reluctant mental energy, to concentrate the power upon the performance of a task to which there is no inclination.  Until this victory has been gained, life holds no sure promise; the achievement of this conquest is the condition of future success.  No matter how splendid may be the natural gifts, unless there is a will that can marshal and command them, the life is sure to be a failure.”

Hmmmmm, part of the answer to what I started the note with–do you think there is a lack of character?
“And not a creature exists that is concealed from His sight, but all things are open and exposed, naked and defenseless to the eyes of Him with Whom we have to do.”     –Hebrews 4:13 (AMPC)