The Saga of Miles Forrest

I was holding Molly after arriving home.  It was getting close to rush hour, so I wanted to get my hug in.  Then, Denton walked in the door, gun in his hand.
    “Forrest, I hate your guts!” he said leveling the gun.
    Quickly I swung Molly around.  I glanced at the Greener laying on the table–too far away.  There was no way I could draw my pistol in time.  Then I felt like someone pushed me and we fell to the floor with me on top of Molly to protect her.  At that same time I heard the shot.  I didn’t feel anything but heard the thunk in the wall.
    Now, I pulled my gun and turned.  As I did I saw Billy falling to the floor holding on to his face.  Behind him stood a grim-faced Charlie Gold.  His gun was out and he had cold-cocked Billy before he could get another shot off.
    “Miles!  Get off me!”  
    I had forgotten that we were on the floor, and there was a crowd beginning to form outside the Diner, partly for lunch and partly coming to see what the shooting was all about.  Rolling off Molly, I sat there musing.  Funny how people are.  They want to see action, but from a distance.  It’s okay if it is about someone else, just don’t let it touch them.  Then they’ll wander out to see the scene, and say “Oh my, someone should stop this evil,” not realizing they are part of it by hiding and watching.
    Molly was standing, trying to get herself together as she was a little embarrassed and customers were coming inside.  I was still sitting on the floor.  “Get up, Miles.  You’re making a spectacle of yourself.”
    I pulled myself to my feet and walked over to where Charlie was bending over Denton.  He looked up at me and smiled.  “Thanks, Charlie,” I muttered.
    “Jensen, help me!” Charlie ordered to a man who had just sat down at a table.
    “Ah, get someone else, Sheriff.  I just set down to eat.”
    “Go ahead, Mike.  I’ll make sure you get a piece of pie, no charge,” I remarked.
    A brief smile crossed Jensen’s face as he got up to help Charlie.  He reached down and grabbed Billy’s legs to drag him out.
    “Jensen!” exclaimed Charlie.  “He ain’t dead.  Grab him by the shoulders.”
    The three of us lifted Billy up.  He didn’t weigh more than a bale of hay.  “I’ve got him,” said Jensen who threw Billy over his burly shoulders and walked out the door toward the jail.
    “Let me go tuck Billy in his cell and I’ll be back,” said Charlie.  “Oh, and you can get me a free piece of that pie when I return.”
    The commotion had died down.  Marta had come out to check to see if there was any blood on the floor that she needed to clean up.  Molly was already waiting on tables.  I intercepted her as she was heading back toward the kitchen.  “You okay?” I asked, worrying about her head.
    She nodded her head yes, and touched my arm.  “There had better be some pie in the kitchen; I promised Charlie and Mike Jensen a piece for helping us out.”
    “You men and your pie!” she exclaimed, then smiled sashaying into the kitchen.
    I grabbed one of the ceramic cups from the counter and went to pour some coffee before sitting down.  I started to take a sip and thought that with Billy Denton in jail maybe we could get some information about Billington.
    I was starting to relax and I had finished about half my cup when another thought struck me.  “Who pushed us to the floor?”