The Saga of Miles Forrest

She strolled over to me very deliberately.  I stood as she approached figuring that would give me more ability to move if needed.
    Her eyes were wide and she had a grim smile, or maybe I should say smirk when she spoke.  “Marshal, I’ll be taking Billy off your hands, if you will unlock the chains.”
    “I’m sorry, can’t do it.  The only way you’ll get Billy is when he’s cut in two pieces by my Greener.”  I lifted it and shoved it in his side.
    “Come, come, Marshal.  You know he’s not worth it, but he is blood and I’d rather have him leave here with me than go to that awful prison.”
    I almost gagged at her posh-talk.  I cocked one barrel.  That sure got her attention.  She motioned with her hand and I could see four rough-looking characters move up on the platform.  I assumed there would be a fifth to my back.
    “Come on, Billy.  Let’s move somewhere where there are more savory folk.”
    “Marshal, you take a step, and I’ll kill you myself,” she said gritting her teeth.  “Release him!”
    I looked briefly around and was thinking that the Lord sure better take a hand in this one or I’ll be meetin’ Him sure ‘nough.
    “Ma’am, Lillian, I’d sure hate to shoot a woman, but I guarantee that if you shoot me, both you and Billy will be lyin’ on those pine boards.  I may follow you, but for certain you’ll be dead, and as I believe red and green go well as Christmas colors, red blood wouldn’t enhance that green dress you’re a-wearin’.”
    She sorta stiffened and took a deep breath as I continued.  “You kill Billy, here and you’ll not find out about the gold.”
    “Did he tell you?” she huffed.  “Billy!”
    “Honest, Lillian, I….” I shoved the Greener hard into his side to shut him up.
    I wondered if she had a gun.  She had left her pistol with me and it was tucked in my belt in the back of my pants.  Reckon she could be carrying a derringer up the sleeve of her dress or perhaps in the small handbag she was carrying.
    “Marshal, you don’t have to be so obstinate!” she exclaimed.
    “Reckon it’s time to get this ball rollin,'”  I pushed Billy hard with the shotgun forcing him back down on the bench then turned toward Lillian.  I fired over her shoulder at the man behind her.  I doubt if he would receive a killing shot but those pellets would sure hurt and it would make him duck, plus it scared Lillian as she screamed.  She was fumbling with her handbag I smashed her hands with the barrel of the Greener then ducked behind the bench as a shot was fired behind me.  
    Drawing my pistol I shot at the man, now to my right.  I wanted Lillian out of the way so I swept the shotgun around and caught one of her shins.  She cried out as she slumped to the floor.  I had a little cover from the man to my left and the one in front but I was vulnerable to the one on the right.  He was standing and fired at me again and I felt a tug.  Raising up a little I shot twice both bullets hitting him.  When I did that the other two opened up.
    Bullets were flying and I hovered to the floor trying to push my backbone through my stomach into the wood.  Up quickly I let loose the other barrel of the Greener and heard a groan.  Now only the man on the left was still in the action.
    Suddenly, from the bench Billy dove, chains in all.  There was a shot and the sound of chains clanging.  I couldn’t remember how many shots I fired from my pistol, so I reached back and pulled the gun from my belt.  I fired my Schofield and then fired, holding the pistol that Lillian had left me with my left hand emptying it at the man to the left.
    All of a sudden it was quiet.  I heard some moaning, but I kept still, not need to hurry myself into a bullet because of anxiety.  
    Then a voice came from behind me.  Billy was laying on the floor, with Lillian beside him.  She was sitting holding her derringer.  I saw the man from the back of the station stand and began to limp toward us.  “Marshal, I’m going to kill you now.”
    I stood, fired my last shot from the Schofield, hitting the man in the chest, the bullet broke his breastbone and plowed through his heart.  I stepped forward waiting for the bullet from Lillian’s Derringer when chains clanged again.  Billy had thrown them around her neck knocking her off balance and when she fired she shot into her leg.  I was now close enough that I was able to thunk her across the head with the Schofield.  She and Billy both slumped at the same time.
    Reaching in my pocket I grasped for two shells to reload the Greener.  While doing that I turned to the man on the left and he was not to be seen.  Neither was the one in front of me.  I walked their direction and saw blood trails moving down off the platform.  
    I decided to check on Billy and Lillian before going out to trail them.  Billy was bleeding from a shot high on his shoulder.  It looked bad as it might have gone through the shoulder and on down into his lung.  Lillian was bleeding from the place in her leg where she shot herself.
    “Thank you, Lord,” I whispered, then heard steps on the platform.  
    “Put down your gun!” came the order.