The Saga of Miles Forrest

Lucas was the first off the train.  He ran down the steps and over to me, excitement pouring out of him.  “Marshal Miles, the train, it moves so fast,” he stammered excitedly.  “It is much faster than your horses–even Star.  But it is noisy.”
    I saw Molly rush toward the passenger car.  I took Lucas by the arm and we followed as I asked him, “How’s your sister?”
    Then I saw her coming down the few steps followed by Charlie.  Both seemed to be all right and walking normal.  Molly grabbed Marta and gave her a hug, then straightened up when she remembered her injury.  “Oh, Marta, I’m sorry.  I forgot, I am just so happy to see you.”
    Marta leaned forward and gave Molly a little kiss on the cheek.  “I’m okay.  Still a little tender, but the ride on the train came me some time to rest,” she smiled, then became very somber almost where a glaze came over her eyes.  She stood there a moment just staring.  Charlie came up and took her by the arm, whispered something to her and she took a step.
    He looked at me, and I could see the concern.  He was holding one arm, and Molly was at the other.  Marta turned her face to Molly.  “Would it be all right if I don’t come right back to work for at least a few days?”
    “Sure, Marta, take all the time you need,” Molly replied squeezing her arm.
    “Charlie,” Marta said softly to Charlie, “could we go on home?  I’m tired and very sleepy.”
    “We’re headin’ that way right now.  Lucas, get our bags and bring them on down to the cabin,” commanded Charlie.
    Marta stopped as they approached me.  She reached out her hand, her face in a frown, then it turned to distress.  “I, I should know you.”  She closed her eyes tightly, shaking her head from side to side.  “You’re, you’re…a friend of Charlie’s,” she finally said with a smile.
    “Sweetheart, this is Miles,” hinted Charlie.  
    Marta looked at me, then turned to look at Molly.  “Then you must be Molly.  Charlie has told me so much about you two.”
    I had thought to bring a buggy as I didn’t know what shape Marta would be in when they arrived.  At the buggy, after Charlie helped Marta up and settled he mouthed to me.  “I’ll talk to you later.”  He climbed in and snapped the reins and they went on down the street toward their little cabin.
    Molly was standing there, one hand holding her mouth.  “Miles,” she muttered in wonderment.  “What’s wrong with Marta?  She acted so strange, and then,” she stopped and gasped.  “She didn’t recognize either of us.”
    “I don’t know.  Charlie said he would talk to us later,” I said talking her by the arm.  “Let’s go back to the diner.”
    I was still looking the direction that Charlie had taken when I bumped into a man.  Rather, he ran into me; almost knocked me down.
    “Watch it mister,” he snorted.  Then he turned to Molly.  “Sorry ma’am, say, aren’t you the woman from the diner?”
    She just nodded as I looked him over. He was quite a bit taller than me, and today for sure he didn’t look like a miner nor a cowboy as he was all dandied up.
    “Maybe I’ll see you again,” he said, tipping his hat, smiling then turning to go on his way.
    “What was that all about?” I asked.
    “I have no idea.  Miles, I don’t like him.”
    We went on down to the diner.  Since it was mid-morning the crowd had dissipated; there were only a couple of tables with customers.  As soon as I had coffee poured Charlie came in the door.  Taking off his hat he walked over to our table.  Molly got up and poured him a cup of coffee.
    He sat down and sighed.  Molly and I looked at him, but sat in silence waiting.
    “Doctor said she has a form of amnesia,” he finally said, breaking the silence.  “Not much else to say.  Her ribs are still tender and she sleeps a lot.”
    “Does she recognize you?” I asked very concerned.
    “Most of the time, but once in a while she looks at me in a daze.”
    Molly reached over and put her hand on his arm.  “We’ll be praying that she’ll soon snap out of it.”
    Charlie gave a slight smile, and took a swallow of coffee.
    The door opened and in walked Doc Jones.  I wanted to hear his take on what Charlie said.  Then my eyes saw the tall man behind him.  The man who bumped into me…
This day in the Texas Revolution:  Fannin departs for Victoria.  Urrea learns of Fannin’s departure and pursues and halts Fannin at the Battle of Coleto near Goliad.