The Saga of Miles Forrest

Charlie was talking to one of them taking McCall’s body to Parker’s undertaking services, and was just entering the doorway.  Doc had already come in to sit with Molly and me.  Marta was busy cleaning up the tables where customers had been sitting before exiting the back door.  If they came back, she’d just give them a fresh plate.
     “Have a seat, Charlie, I’ll get you some coffee,” I said with a laugh.  “What were you doin’ hidin’ behind that tree?”
     “That’s because he’s not a fool like you!” exclaimed Doc.  “He has some sense!  What do you mean walking down a street with a man shooting at you?”
     Molly’s eyes widened the she remarked, “You did what?”
     I couldn’t figure out all the uproar.  “I just reckoned it was the straightest and fastest way to get to him,” came my response.
     “Hmpf,” grunted Doc.  “A good way to get yourself killed, is what it was.”
     “Well, I didn’t, and it all worked out,” I responded.  “Any pie to go with this coffee?”
     There was another “hmpf” from Doc, and Molly just gave a deep sigh looking at me with malice.  I turned my eyes upon her, “What?”  Her frown slowly turned into a small smile.
     “Marta, could you see if there’s some pie in the kitchen?” asked Molly.
     Charlie interrupted, “Hon, bring me a piece, too.”
     We sat there sipping our coffee in the silence that came suddenly.  We were thinking about what happened and what could have happened.  Thinking about how the good Lord takes care of us.
     “He said it was for the money,” I said breaking the short silence.  “I didn’t know the man, but I vouched for him.  Never heard anything bad said against him.”
     Marta was bringing our pie, holding it out for us to see.  “Chocolate and butterscotch,” she offered with a smile.  I reached for the butterscotch.
     “Sit with us Marta,” Molly requested.  “Pour her some coffee, will you please.”
     Getting up I reached for the pot filling a cup for her, then refilling everyone else’s.  “Are you all right, Marta?” I questioned.
     She nodded, the gave a small smile.  “Senor Miles, did I ever tell you that you live a very, shall I say, exciting and charmed life?”
     That made me smile, so I nudged Molly with my elbow.  “See, told you I was charmin’.”
     “Oh, brother,” grunted Doc, “you’re making me sick.”
     He started to get up then saw Foster and Newsome enter the diner.  “Don’t reckon they’re coming in to eat,” he declared, then turned back around in his chair.
     I sat there, pulling on my moustache, waiting to see who would speak first.  Both were good men, but followers.  Neither was bold, so I wondered who’d take the lead.  Doc welcomed them and offered them chairs. 
     “Let me get you some coffee,” I offered.
     “Nah, nah, we’ll only be a minute,” stated Newsome.
     They looked at each other.  “We heard you’ve arrested Martin Olson.  Is that correct?” inquired Foster.
     “That’s correct,” responded Charlie.  “He attempted to murder a federal marshal, my friend and hopefully yours.  Fortunately the shotgun wasn’t loaded or he wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”
     They jerked their heads toward Charlie when he spoke, they looked at each other again.  “On top of that we have a signed affidavit.”
     “Is McCall dead?” inquired Newsome.
     “Yes,” started in Molly, “he…
     Interrupting her, I said, “I killed him as he was shooting indiscriminately in the diner bring several citizens into risk.”
     “So, it was in the line of duty?” asked Newsome.
     I glared at him, “What are you gettin’ at?”
     He pulled on the edge of his collar.  “I, uh, uh, we, were just…”