The Saga of Miles Forrest

Running to the cabin I slowed as I neared.  I didn’t want to rush into a situation and at least not know the layout.  I peeked in the window.  Close to the fireplace was this ugly looking, very large man holding Lucas with a knife to his throat.  Molly was next to the bed, the large man from time-to-time would point his knife at her, and there was another man not too far from the door.
There was the danger that Lucas could be severely injured or killed if I barged in, but on the other hand this was no time to tip-toe and politely knock on the door.  I held the Greener in my left hand; this was not the time to be using it in close quarters. 
Pulling my Schofield I eased on up to the door.  “Lord,” I whispered.  “Be with Lucas,” and I went through the door.  Swinging my pistol and thumped the man standing close to it on the head.  He dropped with a thud and I pulled it up and cocked it aiming it at the large man.
“Better not be too hasty, Forrest,” he barked.  “I’ll slit the boy’s throat.”
I could see the knife touching it drawing just a little blood.
“Lower your gun.  I said lower it!”
For the most part, he was totally hidden behind Lucas.  I lowered the gun; figured I could get it back up pretty quickly.
“Now drop it!” he barked again.
“Not going to happen,” I replied.
“I’ll cut him!”
“And I’ll put a bullet between your eye-balls.”
There was a faint laugh. “Worth the boy’s life?”
“Worth your life?” I retorted.
“Forrest, you’re worth a sum of money to me.  The way I figure it right now, I’m in the best place in the bidding.”
He stood up, keeping Lucas in his arms.  I could see Lucas try and struggle and the man pressed the knife to his throat, drawing a little more blood.  “I’m walking out with the boy.  I’ll release him when I get to my horse.”
“Think I’ll join you on your little stroll.”
He laughed again.  “I don’t think you trust me.  Tell you what.  I’ll leave him here if I have your promise not to come after me for thirty minutes.”
“I might be tempted not to keep my promise.”
“Tempted yes, but you’ll keep it.  You’re a God-fearing man.”
“What do you go by?” I asked.  “I don’t recall your face on any posters.”
“Go by lots of things.  You can use Dreg,” he paused.  “I’ll be back Forrest; you’re worth some money to me and my boys.”
“Come after me; leave my friends and family alone.”
“Not what I was paid to do.  I was paid to hurt you.”
“I’ll shoot you on sight next time.”
There came the laugh again.  “You won’t see me next time.”  He tossed Lucas on the floor and was out the door.
There was a little gasp from Molly.  “Miles, what are we going to do?”
“Tomorrow, we’ll get a tree for the eatery and trim it.  Maybe I’ll eat a piece of one of those Christmas pies you’ll make.  We’ll plan a party for Christmas and get ready to look to the One who came to this earth to redeem us.”
“You’re not afraid?”
“Not for myself.  I’m a mite concerned for you, Lucas, and my other friends.”  I went to her and held her.  “I trust in the Lord and He’ll help us, and I’ll not let anyone harm you.”
Lucas was holding his neck.  “Senor Miles, I didn’t cry.”
“Yur becomin’ quite the man.  Let Molly bandage that up.”