The Saga of Miles Forrest

I was sitting there just before the morning rush.  For the past few months I have been getting up with Molly and walking her to the eatery.  She opened the doors around 6:30 so there was plenty to get done early.  I usually started the fire in the stove and it was still cool enough in the mornings to put one in the stove where the folks ate, plus get the coffee going.  Molly would busy herself in the kitchen and Marta and her mother would show up around 6:00. 
Spring was here and many of the men were up at the mines looking for work.  Some went back to jobs they left in the fall, and others were hopeful of finding jobs.  With the winter over, there were even those who went out in search of that all illusive gold on their own.
“Biscuits will be ready in a few minutes,” said Molly.  “Gravy is being stirred as I speak.”
We sat there enjoying the moments and sipped our coffee.
“Think Trenton will be caught in California?” she asked.
I looked around; I really don’t know what for as we were the only ones in the eatery.  “I don’t think he even went to California.”
She looked at me.  I continued, “He is too smart to leave a clue like that.  I figured he went back to Denver to look for Ferguson or maybe down to Galveston to catch a ship out of there.”
“Let me go check…” and as she started to get up Marta was bringing us both a plate full of biscuits covered with sausage gravy. 
“And just for you Mr. Miles,” she rushed back to the kitchen.  Smiling she held in her hand a plate with a fried egg and the lifted the egg to the top of my gravy. 
I looked at Molly.  “That girl is spoiling you!” said Molly.  “I think I need to put a stop to it.”  She acted as if she was going to get up and I grabbed her arm. 
At that moment the door opened.  Customers, and wouldn’t you know it.  The first customer was Bartholomew.  He walked to the table and I noticed that he still had a little black under one eye. 
“Mister Bartholomew,” said Molly.  “Sit down and I’ll pour you a cup of coffee.  Would you like anything to eat?”
I saw him eyeing my breakfast.  He looked at Molly.  “Any chance I could get some sausage and eggs?”
Marta was standing near, “I’ll get them started, Miss Molly.”
Bartholomew looked over at me.  “I received a telegram from the Denver office.  It was reported that a man with Trenton’s description was in the city a couple of weeks back,” he hesitated.  “They want you to come to Denver.  Do you have a problem with that?”
I looked at Molly.  “No, don’t reckon I do.”
“Good, I’ve already purchased your ticket and we’ll leave tomorrow on the first train out.”
“Want to go with me, Molly?  We can get a feel of the place and it might help us make our decision.”
She put her hand on my arm and squeezed.  “Marta should be able to handle things here, and Eliana is a good cook.”  She was getting a little excited.  “And Lucas is well enough to chop the wood again.”
“Guess that answers my question.”  I looked at Bartholomew.  “Go buy another ticket when you’re through here.”
He started to protest.  “Wells Fargo won’t pay…”
I cut him off.  “If they don’t we’ll take our horses,” and I took a sip of coffee.  “We’d make it there in a couple of weeks.”
“They want you there now!” he exclaimed.
“Then buy another ticket,” I replied getting up.  “I need to see Marshal Gold and check on the horses.  I think Moise at the livery has a boy that will look after them.”
I reached for my cup to finish it and then walked out through the kitchen.