The Saga of Miles Forrest

We had hired someone to work in the place of Eliana.  She was some relative of Marta’s, cousin, aunt, I’m wasn’t quite sure.  One thing for certain, Anahi was a good cook.  She stepped right in and took over in the kitchen.  About the only thing Molly did much anymore was make pies and biscuits.
Being that the case I was able to get her out for a ride one morning.  It was Colorado Day, and there would be some celebrating taking place and entertainment later in the day.  Molly had already baked several pies and we were planning on having samples of chili for a donation to the church and school that was being built.
It was a grand morning and we rode south up over the hill toward New Mexico.  Two-Bits was fat, and needed some work.  I don’t know if she was not just plain lazy from not being ridden much over the winter and spring.  I had Star for Hawk had been with me the past couple of times out.  Amazing the difference going south, away from the mountains.  The land becomes more arid and since we were away from the river there was little in the way of anything green.
We laughed and chatted, and enjoyed the time together.  She made fun of me calling me the “Secret Marshal” now that I was with that government organization the Secret Service.  For sure it was a secret for I had not heard of it before.
Stopping for a while on the top of the hill we dismounted and stood gazing down at the little town down in the valley.  “Miles,” she asked, “Where were you when Colorado gained statehood?”
I didn’t have to think about it.  “I was working near Gunnison.  It was a good job.  I was just getting over the news of the 7th Cavalry and Custer being massacred.  I served with them during the War.”
She must of sensed my drifting away for a moment and didn’t interrupt for several minutes as I remembered that day and some of the experiences I had with some of those men.
“Miles.  Miles,” tugging at my arm.  “Time we were leaving.  I need to be back for the noon meal and there is still some work to be done.”
Mounting up we rode at a trot back toward Durango.  By-passing the town we rode up to our little place and were just dismounting when I heard, “Marshal Forrest.”  It was little Henry running up the hill.
“Marshal, you have to come quickly!  Marshal Gold has just been shot!” he said panting.
I looked at Molly.  “Go on down to the Diner.  Marta will want to be with Charlie.”  With that she took off at a run.
“Henry, you think you can take care of Two-Bits?” and I flipped him a quarter.  I mounted, “Rub her down good, and give her a drink.”  Then I gave Star a spur and galloped to town.  I figured Charlie would probably be at the Doc’s office.
I arrived at the same time that Marta came running across the street.  I grabbed her.  “Slow down, take it easy.  Let’s go in under control.”  But at the same time my insides were churning.
McClendon, from the mercantile, was there.  He stopped us in the front office and said that Doc didn’t want any interruptions until he was finished.  Marta started to run past us, and I grabbed her and directed her to a chair.
“Let Doc do his job.  You can see Charlie afterward.”
After a few minutes Doc yelled, “Miles?  You out there?”
I went to the edge of the door.  “What’d you need?”
“Get in here and hold him down.  He is thrusting around so much I’m afraid when I try to dig out the bullet I’ll do more damage.  He’s lost too much blood as it is.”
I moved on in.  “Hold him now; I’ve got to get this lead out.”
Doc was digging and I was holding.  He was right, there was a sight of blood.  In a few seconds, I didn’t have to hold Charlie anymore…