The Saga of Miles Forrest


After the little incident with the attempted robbery we went on in to Denver. Wells Fargo was there to meet us and Molly rode with me to take the gold to the mint. As we rode by the stage office, my eyes locked with a person getting on the stage. I was almost certain it was the judge that issues the bounty. I couldn’t stop but it sure got my mind a-reeling.
There were plenty of men there to unload the gold and I kept looking back down the street. I couldn’t get his image out of my mind.
“Miles, what’s wrong? You keep looking down the street.”
“Nothin’,” I answered.
“Don’t you nothing me. What happened? Did you see someone?”
I wasn’t going to get out of this. “I thought I saw the judge Molly.”
“You must be mistaken. Isn’t he is prison?”
The plan was to go get a room at one of the hotels, but I thought we’d stop by and see Dave Cook first and see if he knew anything about it. His office was only a few blocks from the mint and we walked to it. We were met by a man sitting behind a desk.
“May I help you?” he said.
I started to walk back to Dave’s office. He got up and walked to stop me. “I asked if I could help you!” he said with added emphasis.
“I’m here to see Dave Cook,” I replied.
“Not now, he’s busy,” came the curt reply.
I looked at him, and pushed him aside. “I think he’ll see us.” He started for his desk, I assumed to get a gun. “Don’t, it’s not worth it.” I swung the Greener his way.
“Come on, Molly.”
About that time the door opened and Dave stepped out. “Miles! Molly! What in the world are you doing here?”
“Rode as a guard for the bullion; Molly is here to shop. Say, I thought I saw Judge Wray getting on a stage.”
“Come in the office,” said Cook. We walked in and Dave shut the door. He motioned to the chairs and we all sat down. “Miles, as far as I know he is still at Canon City. However, I trust your eyes. I’ll have Trenton send a telegram.” He got up and went outside. He was only gone for a minute. “It shouldn’t take long. I told him to wait for an answer. Now, how are you two?”
We chit-chatted for about thirty minutes when there was a knock at the door. It was the man Cook called Trenton. He read the telegram, and I saw him scowl. “It definitely could have been him. The warden says he was released a couple of weeks ago along with Henderson. The Court of Appeals overthrew the verdict. It also states that it looks like the same will happen with Ferguson; unlawfully arrested.”
“What in the world?” I asked looking at Dave. “What is happening with those folk?”
“Times are definitely changing Miles.”
I got up. “I’m goin’ to the stage office to check.”
“Miles?” Molly spoke quietly.
“Don’t worry, I’m only goin’ to check. I can’t get in trouble doin’ that.”
Cook laughed, and Molly looked at him. “Seems he knows you well too.”
“Molly, let’s go to my house and get you settled in while Mr. Curiosity goes out,” said Dave.
I started to walk out. “No trouble, Miles Forrest, or you’ll answer to me,” Molly said sternly, but with a smile following.
I left her with Dave and went down to the station and walked up to the clerk. “Was there a Wray on that last stage?” I asked.
“I’m not authorized to tell you,” replied the clerk.
Showing him my badge, I asked again. The reply came, “I still can’t show you without a court order.”
Lifting the Greener I laid it on the counter. “How is this for a court order?”
His eyes got big and he went over to the ledger. “Yes, there was a Wray aboard.”
“How ’bout a Henderson?”
“No, no Henderson.”
“Where was that stage bound?”
“Idaho Springs, Georgetown and up the loop.”
“When does the next stage leave?” I asked rather impatiently.
“Tomorrow morning at 9. There is one every day except for the weekends.”
“Get me a ticket,” and I handed him a single eagle. He gave me the ticket and the change and I walked out.
I thought to myself, “See – no trouble.”

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