The Saga of Miles Forrest

I stepped on the train as it was moving slowly up the grade. Then moving on through the door into the car I stopped to take notice of the passengers.
“Molly!” I exclaimed.
“Miles!” she said standing, leaving her seat, and coming toward me.
Holding my arms open to hold her, I asked, “What is the world are you doin’ here?”
I don’t know if it was because I was happy to see her or that I had been standing out in the cold, but a shiver went down my back. She noticed it as well. “Miles, you’re shivering. You’re cold, come sit down, I have a blanket.”
We went to her seat, but as she started to sit I just took her by the arm, along with the blanket and we went to the back of the car. “I can see everyone from here.”
“Oh, I didn’t think. I should have,” she replied.
She sat down and then I sat and she wrapped us both up in her blanket.
“Now, tell me why you’re on this train!” I ordered.
“There were no customers, so Aniha said for us to come meet the train and that she could take care of the place should anyone enter. Marta and I were with Charlie Gold when the train arrived. I waited and waited and you didn’t get off, but I just thought that you were probably back with Hawk,” she paused catching her breath.
“Three men stepped off and Charlie pushed Marta to the platform and yelled at the men. I was used to you doing that so when Marta went down I fell to the platform as well. Shooting commenced. Charlie shot one of the men and he fell. The other two men went between the cars and Charlie ran after them, but stopped at the car as a bullet grazed his arm. He was standing by the man he shot, who was not trying to raise his gun. I had pulled mine by this time and shot. I don’t know if I hit him or not, but it did get his attention and Charlie’s. Charlie whacked him over the head and took his gun.”
“Easy, easy,” I said. “You have plenty of time to tell me. After the train gets to Silverton it will take a couple of hours to get it ready for the return trip.”
“Miles, that new marshal came and arrested Charlie for attempted murder! We have to get back!”
“What? Who was the person Charlie shot?” I asked.
“You’d never believe it. It was the same person he shot in the leg during the holdup when he was hurt so bad,” she stopped and sort of giggled. “This time he shot him in the other leg.”
“Well, Charlie won’t be goin’ anyplace. They can’t have a trial before we get back. So, just relax. It’ll all work out.”
I pulled her a little closer to me. “I’m cold,” I said using it for an excuse. Truth being I was too cozy and soon fell asleep. I slept through that blasted train whistle until Molly nudged me awake when we arrived in Silverton.
“Let’s grab a bite to eat. We’ll be here awhile. I’ll need to speak to the conductor first, but I’m a mite hungry.”
I told him what had transpired over the past twenty-four hours and that I would be riding back with him. He was not to leave without me. Going back to the same restaurant where the commotion took place, was it just yesterday? I went to sit down and wouldn’t you know it, the same girl came to wait on us.
“Just can’t stay away from this place.”