Echoes from the Campfire

Every human being had to stand on his own feet and reach wisdom by his own errors and tears.”
–Ernest Haycox  (Saddle and Ride)

“There below me I could see that you had sinned against the LORD your God.  You had melted gold and made a calf idol for yourselves.  How quickly you had turned away from the [trail] the LORD had commanded you to follow!”
 –Deuteronomy 9:16 (NLT)

The Daily Paine

Christmas is not a date.  It is a state of mind.”
–Mary Ellen Chase

“At Christmas
A man is at his finest towards the finish of the year;
He is almost what he should be when the Christmas season’s here;
Then he’s thinking more of others than he’s thought the months before,
And the laughter of his children is a joy worth toiling for.
He is less a selfish creature than at any other time;
When the Christmas spirit rules him he come close to the sublime.”
        –Edgar Guest

I really hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As I mentioned to those who receive the “Coffee Perc”, Thanksgiving is important for a couple of reasons.  The first is, of course, that we should always be showing gratitude for our blessings.  I’m so tired of the whiny-babies out there.  America is evil, we are oppressed, on and on they whine.  My goodness gracious, be thankful for what you have.  Try living in some other country and see the problems that they have.  Or, get out there and do something POSITIVE!  Quite whining and belly-aching, if you really think this is bad do something positive; don’t go around breaking other’s property, holding up traffic of honest-working people.  In other words get in touch with Reality rather than your stupid, dumbfounded ideology.
The second thing is that Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season, or if you wish, the Christmas season.  There is always an uproar of the saying of “Merry Christmas.”  Don’t get caught up in the political correctness of the idiots out there.  All they are trying to do is ruin your Christmas and get you agitated.  They do have a certain arrogance, but if someone corrects you and says, “Happy Holidays,” smile, reply “Merry Christmas.”  They are simply showing their ignorance, and yes, they are being antichrist.  However, even though they certainly don’t know it, but they have just wished you a “Happy Holy Day.”  Now everyday should be holy, but especially that day when Christ was born–what we call Christmas.  It is a holy day because God took a moment, just the right moment in time, and sent to the earth a blessing that cannot be contained.  (Why do you think the fools fight so hard?)
Now I definitely prefer “Merry Christmas” and that is what I always reply.  In fact, say a silent prayer for them, for they are in that realm of being a fool and that is a dangerous position.  Remember, that “Ignorance can be fixed, but stupidity if fatal.”  This folk prefer to live in darkness because they are blinded by their ideas, their sham, their foolishness, and their arrogance.  In fact, look around, especially at the liberal agenda and those pushing it, whether it be the media, the entertainment industry, or the liberal politicians.  When they open their mouths they just seem to spout out their ignorance.
Start to enjoy the season.  Jesus came that we might have life, so don’t let a dead-man (that’s what they are, call them “living zombies”) ruin the season for you.  If you do, then it’s your own fault.  Have life, enjoy life, enjoy the Reason for the season.  Hmmmm, that might be a good response if someone shoves their arrogance at you (remember Scrooge and Bob Cratchit) say “Merry Christmas, and I’ll say a prayer for you.”  Not very politically correct, but certainly Biblically correct.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”
–John 10:10 (NKJV)

Coffee Percs

The coffee tasted good, and under the warmth of it and the comfort of the blaze, our spirits rose.”
–Louis L’Amour

Get in here pard, and let me check yuh over.  Say, not bad after feasting at Thanksgiving.  No extra pounds I take it?  We did it, I didn’t gain nuthin’ either, so let’s lift our cups high and maybe have an extra piece of pie today.  I hurried back from the woods just so I could greet yuh at the door this mornin’.  (Now if you believe that there is some property I’d like to sell.)
Ahhh, good time Thanksgiving, coffee over the campfire; now that’s hard to beat.  And I felt special, the missus made me a special pie–blackberry/raspberry.  If’n I had thought I’d saved you a piece–ha, that’s a joke friend.  Let me tell yuh it sure made the ol’ gizzard happy.  Plus we had a little concert; the middle granddaughter was singin’ ’round the campfire!
Goodness, we’re sure putting down the coffee this mornin’.  This ol’ pot will be goin’ dry soon if we keep at it.  But, back to Thanksgiving.  Besides countin’ all our blessin’s Thanksgivin’ begins the wonderful Holiday Season.  This is a great time of the year if we keep our sights properly set.  Don’t be dismayed about someone say “Happy Holidays,” instead of Merry Christmas.  Mostly it shows their ignorance, for it means “Happy Holy Days.”  Come to think of it, Christmas is a happy, holy event.  Stop and ponder that for a while–the holiness of Christmas.
Shopping?  What is this, Black Saturday?  Come to think of it, I need to get a few little things myself.  Not plannin’ on goin’ out for long, just too many people.  Wait, just ’cause the pot’s gone dry don’t mean yuh have to get up and leave.  I hadn’t got to my preachifying yet.
Okay pard, have a good day, and don’t forget to have your sights set properly this Christmas/Holiday Season.  And anytime you go out be sure to check that cinch.

Echoes from the Campfire

Afraid is what I’m not,
Hard times come and the trail seems always uphill,
Courage is what I’ve got,
The harder is gets I’m cinching up tighter still,
O Lord I’m glad its true, its best to lean on You.
Ridin’ up the glory trail.”
–Jack Hannah

“Thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will].”
–1 Thessalonians 5:18 (AMPC)