By the time they sat down at the long table in the middle of the cook shack, the cook stood by them, ready to pour strong, black coffee for them both.  ‘Pie’s comin’ up.'”
               –C. Wayne Winkle (Frank Brannon-Reluctant Marshal)

Mornin’ to yuh, Pard.  Trust yuh had a good week, and a safe Fourth of July.  Coffee’s hot, strong and ready to pour.  Ahhh, needed that this mornin’.  I’ll have to tell yuh, now don’t be downcast when I give yuh the news.  My sweety made her first pie at the new house this week.  Nope, ’tweren’t apple or cherry, nor even butterscotch, but it sure was tasty–lime meringue.  Too bad you didn’t stop by earlier.
     Slept in some this mornin’, pard, and tryin’ to get the cobwebs out of my head.  Maybe another cup of that coffee will help get the broom movin’ up there.  I was ponderin’ some yesterday.  We were out with the grandkids pickin’ blueberries.  My they were tasty, but what I was thinkin’ is that so many folk are just too busy to enjoy what the Lord has givin’ them.  I might be wrong, but I’m a-thinkin’ that it just might be a human trait not to count your blessin’s until one day yuh look around and find those blessin’s gone.  Won’t be long the oldest grandkid will be gone from the house.  In fact, who knows if we’ll be together again pickin’ blueberries.  I was countin’ my blessin’s for sure.  My daughter and I was up in the bushes together have a grand time chattin’.
     Maybe we ought to take time each day, to just ponder the blessin’s of the day.  If yur busy, just write it on your daily calendar.  Think I’m goin’ to start doin’ it.  Coffee is finally makin’ the ol’ gizzard smile.  An’ can yuh guess what the wife is doin’?  Sorry, yu’ll be gone before it’s baked, but blueberry is on the menu for breakfast.  Ahhh, the blessin’s of life–thank you, Lord.
     A thought just struck me.  I’ve et at several cookshacks and camps over the years and cayn’t remember one cook that ever came by and poured my coffee.  Was at one once where the cook brought out coffee on a silver set.  Yep, it seemed like someone at the table thought they were almighty important.  Silver coffeepot on a silver tray, the cook poured it right in the cup for him.  I wondered if he wasn’t goin’ to produce a silver straw.  Oh well, that’s the life for some…
     Yuh take care this week, y’hear!  Check that cinch!