Coffee Percs

“I thank him and bought a bag of Arbuckle’s coffee. We didn’t need it, but you can never have too much coffee.”
–Lou Bradshaw

It’s been a week pard. The old “boxcars” for my birthday, and a little shoulder surgery. Now, packing up the steel mount to see the kids over in East Texas for the weekend. Things sure don’t slow down ’round here, how ’bout your place?
With all the doin’s at the house, and all the fuss that is goin’ on in the nation and the world, it can sure get a person to take his mind of the Lord. With all the turmoil that is the worse thing a body could do. Pardon, my manners, ain’t fill your cup up yet. Back to the basic morning–simply Folgers. I’m ’bout out of Arbuckles, and didn’t have time to grind any of my special New Guinea that I received for my birthday.
Back to keepin’ our eyes on the Lord. Sometimes it seems a cliché, but we worry too much, especially if we say we are trustin’ in the Lord to take care of us. If He is truly guidin’ our steps like He says He is then why do we make such a fuss over what happens? That’s probably for my special friend out there this mornin’ and maybe you too pard. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and come to think of it, don’t sweat the large stuff either. Time to worry is when you run out of coffee and I see your cup is empty already. Sorry, pard, not doin’ a good job today. Too much preachifying I guess.
One more hot cup for the road, oh, wait a minute. I have to tell you. Couple of my students brought me a gift of Starbucks coffee. Naturally I immediately took a sip. Sure glad they weren’t ’round for I gagged–full of sugar and milk. I took a couple of large gulps since it was a gift and trashed it. Sure did rattle the ol’ gizzard.
Time to be hittin’ the road; miles to travel today. You be walkin’ easy and keepin’ your eye on the Lord. He’d tell you the same thing I’m goin’ to — check your cinch.

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