Coffee Percs

Before the sky started turning gray, I had coffee drunk and bacon fried.  I’d spent enough time waitin’ and watchin’.”
                    –Lou Bradshaw (Teton)

Gather in this kitchen for the coffee is strong and hot.  Say, they may still be a piece of pie hidden somewhere.  The wife made a delicious peach pie, and I know we didn’t eat all of it.  Ahhhh, that’s really good coffee this mornin’.  I shouldn’t, but I just have to.  One of my ol’ teachin’ pards dropped by yesterday on his way back to San Antonio.  First guest to come after we moved in, ‘ceptin’ family of course.  I had the coffee on, but I saw him sneakin’ somethin’ from his back pocket.  He was carryin’ concealed chocolate milk to put in his coffee.  Land of Goshen, he was hopin’ I wouldn’t see him doctorin’ up his cup.  But I let it slide; he’s one to ride the river with.
    Pard, yuh sure guzzled that cup down, let me pour yuh another.  I pondered what grizzled ol’ Lou said.  We sure do spend much of our life just waitin’.  Waitin’ in line, waitin’ for someone, waitin’ in the doctor’s office, waitin’ for something to start, waitin’ for our ship to come in.  By the way, mine was a raft and it broke apart not far from shore.  When I was in the military we would hurry up so we could wait.  Hmmm, what I don’t think we do is wait on the Lord enough.  Just sayin’.
    The other part of that is watchin’.  I’m feared that’s somethin’ we don’t do much of.  We don’t watch our step, we don’t watch our tongue, we don’t watch where we’re goin’, and for sure as shootin’ we don’t watch the times and seasons.  We just aren’t alert.  We don’t pay attention to life because we’re too busy.  Hmmm, with all the waitin’ we do, perhaps we should do some watchin’ while we’re a-waitin’.
    Let’s finish off this pot; there’s a few cups left.  Have yuh noticed the political rhetoric this week.  It’s turned up a notch or two.  The noise is startin’ to ramble off and soon it will be comin’ in waves.  Yuh better be careful who yuh listen to–keep the Word in mind as elections are comin’ closer.  
    Say, pard, I’ve just got to tell yuh this one.  Listen, there are nuts even in the great state of Texas.  Many of them are cooped up in Austin and that’s just the point.  There is talk of changin’ the name of the city of Austin.  Seems he was was the owner of slaves.  I think there are a few names up for vote:  Twinkie-Town, or Creampuff City.  There may be some others those council-folk are thinkin’ of.
    Well, you keep watchin’ and waitin’ and don’t be frettin’, after all what can mere man do to us.  We are in the hand of the heavenly Father.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have to do our part, so yuh check yur cinch before mountin’ up.