Coffee Percs

He crossed to the fire and squatted there, taking up the coffee-pot, blackened from many fires, to fill his cup.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (The Quick and the Dead)

Tie yur hoss to the post and come in this kitchen.  Better wipe yur feet so the wife don’t get onto yuh.  I’ve got a few things to say this mornin’ so let me pour the coffee so I can begin.  Ahhh, hot, strong and black.  That’s the way to make the ol’ gizzard smile on a Saturday mornin’.  ‘Course yur company helps too.
    Been doin’ some ponderin’ pard.  Now, I don’t want to be disturbin’ yur aspirations, but we all need to now and again do some thinkin’ about the trail we’re a-travelin’.  I’m not speakin’ of the journey of life, but it’s sure involved with it as well, but I’m speakin’ of that trail that leads on to eternity.  
    Let me take another deep drink of the mornin’ nectar.  Folks get on the straight and narrow; they find the Lord, or rather He finds them and they get started off.  Problem I’m seein’ is that they are carryin’ around the same gear and headin’ off on the same side trails as before an’ the thing is, they think it’s all okay.  Sometimes, for sure, the trail headin’ off for the heavenly city seems more like an obstacle course, and it’s narrow with many snares and brambles along the side.  Been a time or two when those jumpin’ cholla almost grabbed me.  But I try to be careful as I go along.
    Refill?  Sure pard, like to see yuh smile when yuh get a taste of my coffee.  Back to what I was sayin’; there are lots of trails that veer off and if a person isn’t a mite careful they will lead back over to the trail that will take them to perdition.  I’ve seen some of those trails and have tried to avoid them.  Trails such as cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches, and lust of the eyes and flesh, and some others.  
    I knew the coffee was really good this mornin’, sure hit the spot, but it sure seemed the time went by fast.  That’s the other thing.  Don’t forget to check yur backtrail, don’t let anything come sneakin’ up on you from behind.  Don’t be livin’ back there, but sure check those lessons.  I know there’s one that’s trailin’ us all and there ain’t much we can do about it.  Back in my younger days, I’d rarely see him.  He was good at keepin’ his distance and hidin’ from view.  However, he’s more brazen today and seems to be trailin’ closer.  Yep, it’s that ol’ outlaw “Time” and he’s out to get us all.  Makes me glad that the good Lord is ridin’ this trail alongside me.
    Well, pard, when yuh mount up be sure yuh head on down the right trail.  Be alert, that’s why I always remind yuh to check yur cinch.