Coffee Percs

He squatted at the fire, warming his hands.  A frying pan filled with bacon lay against a rock and a coffee pot sat beside it.”
               –Ernest Haycox  (Free Grass)

Come on pard, give me a break.  Coffee’s on, strong, hot and black, so what if I slept in a little an’ left you waitin’ at the kitchen door?  I’m retired, don’t that give me the right to rest my weary bones a little longer?  Yep, yur plumb right, it makes me a lazy bum.
     I came across a thought just the other day that sorta proves that point.  One of the intelligent fellows said that we go about losin’ life a little bit every day if we don’t take advantage of the time allotted us.  He said if we don’t take advantage of life we lost it in a thousand small uncarin’ ways.  Ponder that!  I’m a-thinkin’ that there’s a whole lot of truth in that.
     Say, we’ve been havin’ plenty of guests the past few days.  The four-legged kind.  In fact, one day we had nine deer in the front yard, starin’ in the window wonderin’ what kind of varmints have moved into their territory.  Fun to watch them, but they must have smelt you comin’ for I don’t see nary a one of them this mornin’.
     I’ve been stayin’ away from the news cause it riles my gizzard, plus there ain’t a thing I can do about it.  Sure glad we have the Lord though, from the times I’ve glanced at it.  Sure goin’ to be gettin’ more ugly in the next few weeks.  Guess that’s the way of it anymore.  You mark my words–if the liberals gain control again, well, hang on to yur hat ’cause things are goin’ to go berserk.  The world and its values are rapidly changin’.  Notice I said, the world’s values, not that of the Scripture.  No, God’s Word is forever, and He does not change.  Hold on to that thought as you ride out this mornin’.
     One thing that can’t change.  Yuh have to always check yur cinch.  There has to be some security when yuh mount up.