Coffee Percs

“I planned to shake up some fresh coffee. I dumped the pot and rinsed it, and put in fresh water from the spring. Then I stirred up the fire.”
–Louis L’Amour

It’s been a few days pard, so sit yurself down and I’ll bring the pot. Yep, fresh, strong, hot and black…ahhhh, tastes good. One thing I was grateful for on the trail last week was that I didn’t have any of that namby-pamby coffee. Sure some of it was better than others, but at least those folk in Arizona knew how to make coffee. ‘Course not as good as the pot on the ol’ homefire.
It was a good trip, saw lots of country I’ve never seen before. We traipsed a bit in the land where Cochise lived. It moves from desert to grassland to chaparral to mountain. You want a different type of terrain, you just move around. The only thing they had in common was that it was dry. I did find a small tank of water hiking in the Chiricahua Mountains.
Lots of craziness and downright idiocy taking place out there in the world. It just goes to show you the depravity of man and the evil that lurks. Good to know that we can walk in it because the Lord is right beside us. He is in charge, but that don’t mean we shouldn’t be alert to our surroundin’s.
Time to finish up the pot and get on with the day’s doin’s. Have to take this modern “convenience”–the computer to the doc. It’s frozen, but I was fortunate to find a way to get here to converse with my pards. Not everyone can get ’round the table for a cup. In fact, the eldest daughter is probably goin’ on about it now.
Good to be back pard! You go an’ have a great day.
Hey, don’t you dare mount up without checkin’ that cinch.

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