Coffee Percs

He went into the cabin, found the provisions, started a small fire in the little potbellied stove, put together what was left of the coffee, and fried half of the bacon.  When everything was ready he found two cups, poured coffee and took them and the small skillet of bacon outside and shared them.”
              –Orin Vaughn  (In Pursuit of a Madman)

How’re yuh doin’ pard?  First day of fall, man oh man, where did this year go?  Must be flyin’ away like the birds.  Here’s yur cup, sip it easy, it’s hot.  Made some of that Black Gold that Folger is sellin’ in their 1850 series.  Tastes pretty good.  Ahhhh, simply delightful.
    Hope yuh had yurself a good week.  We’ve been doin’ some traipsin’ about the countryside, at least the latter part of the week.  Yuh know, these folk out here in the East are sorta different from where I’m from in Texas.  I went out to the store the other day, quite a shoppin’ area:  WalMart, Target, Home Depot, and several other stores and two groceries.  I started countin’, and no I didn’t have to take my boots off.  In this huge complex of parkin’ lots and then drivin’ back to the camp, I only counted five trucks.  My mercy, only five.  Back in Coldspring, Texas it’s pretty well even between cars and trucks.
    Another thing I noticed.  I think that the folk out here, deep inside, are longin’ to be spoken to.  I always speak to the folk that wait on me and these looked at me as if there might be somethin’ wrong, but then they returned my gesture.  There was one young gal who had to help us with the register.  I told her thanks for the help, and then as I was leavin’ I went by and told her to have a good day.  She looked at me, then her faced beamed into a smile, and then she thanked me.  I know that when Shauna was visitin’ she remarked how strange it was that complete strangers will talk to each other in the grocery.  And know somethin’ else, pard, I didn’t see no one a-packin.
    Most folk would be okay, if’n folk would take a likin’ to each other rather than try to dig up dirt on them.  People are so hateful, but unless they come to know the Lord that evil in their heart will win most every time.  Why there’s many a Christian who speaks hateful words.  How ’bout that coffee?  Sure satisfies the ol’ gizzard.
    Time for yuh to be hittin’ the road.  Well, as Roy would have said, “may the good Lord take a likin’ to yuh.”  Yuh be careful ridin’ out there, greet someone with that smile of yourn, and don’t dare mount up unless yuh check yur cinch.