Coffee Percs

He went back to the fire, poured another tin cup of coffee and sat sipping it, watching the embers darken and die.”
              –Hal Borland  (When the Legends Die)

    Glad yuh showed up this mornin’, pard.  Put some of that Black Gold on to brew.  There are some things in life I ponder about.  Take this for example:  how come Folgers 1850 tastes so much better than their regular brand?  If it’s that much better, why haven’t they been sellin’ it instead?  Just wonderin’ pard, just wonderin’.
    I can remember the many campfires and fires in the hearth.  Yuh know the hearth is a symbol of security and well-bein’ for the family.  In times gone by families would sit around the hearth telling stories, reading, the women-folk might be sewing, dad sharpenin’ his favorite jackknife.  They would also be readin’ of the Bible.  In more modern times, the kitchen table sorta took the place of the hearth.  Now, I wonder what is the security of the home?  Dad’s busy, mom’s busy, all the kids are busy and if they are ever together, they are holdin’ that indispensable phone.  I’ve always said that Satan cannot destroy the Church, however, he can wreck havoc on the family and that hinders the work of the Church.  Hurt the family–hurt the Church.
    Sorry there pard, didn’t mean to get so somber.  Let me pour some more of that Black Gold.  While I do, think of some of the fires where I’ve sat around.  The flames risin’ and flickerin’, the cracklin’ and poppin’ of the wood as the flames consume it.  But then, it all comes down to this the fuel is gone and all that is left are the embers which glow especially when a breeze comes but slowly they go out and are but ashes.
    Kinda like a life.  So while we’re hot and flamin’ we best be doin’ somethin’ with it.  We get so involved with “junk” and “stuff” that we seldom really thing about the important things–like the hearth–much less do anything about them.  Soon, all too soon, the flames gets lower and before yuh know it all a person can see are the embers of what once was.  Oh, they’re hot, and they glow with a breeze, but the flame is gone.
    ‘Nough of that, let’s finish this pot and get on with the chores of the day.  Sure don’t need to be all melancholy now as there’s work to be did and yuh never know what the crazies might be tryin’ to do.  Not only do we live and wander in an evil, wicked world, but it’s also sick.  So yuh take care and be watchful out there.  Don’t be foolish.
    For goodness sake, pard, don’t forget to be checkin’ yur cinch.