Coffee Percs

“I just throwed a horseshoe in the coffee and it sank.  The coffee ain’t ready.”               –Gordon Rottman

I’d test the coffee for you pard, but I don’t have a horseshoe laying around anywhere.  Tastes pretty good to me, what’d ya think?  No use in trying to drink weak coffee.
Let me tell you a story from the week.  They won’t let us keep a coffee pot in our classrooms anymore so they purchased one for the office.  Needless to say it gets a workout.  It wasn’t workin’ right so I made an attempt to clean it–vinegar then water.  Let me tell you somethin’ pard.  Don’t mix vinegar with your coffee.  It’s not tasty!
I tried and tried to get the vinegar out.  Then once I did, the pot was not workin’ again.  Guess I’ll have to start takin’ a thermos again.  We’ll see if it works on Monday.  Mercy, another enjoyment slippin’ away.  Hope the weekend will settle what’s wrong with it.  Hmmm, do I dare bring a little stove and boil some?
Made me ponder a bit.  The Scripture has plenty to say ’bout mixin’ things, especially addin’ yeast to flour.  Things are supposed to be pure, not tainted.  Maybe that’s why I’m opposed to “cinos” or addin’ stuff to coffee.  It totally changes the flavor of the coffee.  I think perhaps our lives are the same.  We need our lives to be pure and not tainted, but how often do we end up addin’ stuff to our lives and it changes the flavor?  Yep, did some ponderin’!
Needless to say, you’re goin’ to get COFFEE when you come to this kitchen.  Now, it’s up to you to go addin’ junk to it, it won’t be on my hands.  Take another sip……ahhhh, yep good!  Makes the ol’ gizzard rise up and smile.
Watch out for the heat when you’re out travelin’ ’round.  Oh, and I know I mention it often, but don’t forget to check your cinch.  Sure don’t want you fallin’ off.

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