Coffee Percs

There was a pile of firewood beside the fireplace, a string of red chilis hung from a beam, and on the white ashes stood a black coffeepot and a slowly simmering iron kettle.”
              –Hal Borland  (When the Legends Die)

Come on in, Pard, an’ throw yur spurs under the table.  Easy now, don’t you be a-scratchin’ the dinin’ room floor.  I’ll be bringin’ the coffee right up.  My, oh my, the Lord shore has been givin’ us some grand mornin’s and beautiful days.  Hope’s it’s been that way over in yur neck of the woods.  Need some rain though, pretty dry.
    Ahhh, now that’s soothes all the way down to the gizzard!  Sure does help a troubled soul, or any soul that just wants some soothin’.  Pard, let me tell yuh this.  More and more, especially now that I’m gettin’ upwards in age, I see the truth of Jesus’ words that His pard Matthew writ down:  “For yuh have the poor with you always…”  I’m surely convinced that He wasn’t just a-talkin’ about those without money; I think He must have been talkin’ about those without sense as well.  Ha, pard, did yuh get the pun?
    Now, I’ve been told, and I’ve read, that it’s possible to be fixin’ ignorance, but stupidity is fatal.  Just read some of them Proverbs in the Bible.  The fool is done for–there ain’t no chance for him unless he forsakes his foolishness which most of the time ain’t likely.  That simple person, now he still has a chance for he can see the error of his ways if it’s pointed out to him.
    More coffee?  See, yur gizzard is soothin’ out already.  Back to my point:  the stupid person can’t or won’t see the error of his, excuse me, their ways.  This impeachment talk for one thing; my mercy, they don’t have a clue, and why do you think they are waitin’ until now?  Election time, keep things a-stirrin’.  
    But you and me know a secret that a stupid person, one of them fools, don’t understand.  Besides knowin’ what a good cup of coffee is, we have the Lord on our side, no matter what foolishness transpires up there with them bureaucrats.  Now that is a thought that’s soothin’ to the soul.
    You don’t get yurself all in a tither.  The Lord is on our side, or I mean to say we are on His side.  Now, that don’t mean we don’t take precautions.  Yuh don’t drink weak coffee, and yuh always check yur cinch.