Coffee Percs

Outside he had coffee and bacon ready, so we took the time to contemplate what had all happened.”
              –Lou Bradshaw (Cain)

Glad yuh stopped by Pardner, sorry I slept in a bit.  Bein’ fightin’ the gout and finally got some medicine and a good night’s sleep.  I won’t say the bed hasn’t felt better, but it sure was a comfort last night.  Drink up, the coffee’s fine, I guarantee, unless you go to addin’ water to it.  I checked it out and the spoon stood straight up in it.
    Been ponderin’ somethin’, but before I get to that one of my ol’ pards, Parson Tom, almost went to see his Maker this past week.  No, of course not, he had checked his cinch, he was sick but kept puttin’ it off and finally they admitted him to one of them there hospitals.  I remember, hearin’ the ol’ Parson preach, why he could get out a rip-roain’ sermon if anybody could.  He’s feelin’ a mite better now.
    Now that got me to ponderin’; we only get through this life once.  No I don’t think I’ll be reincarnated as a goat.  There’s just this here life the Lord gave us and we should be makin’ the best of it for Him.  From time-to-time the good Lord allows people to come into our lives when we need them.  Most likely yuh don’t have the same friends now, yuh did when yuh graduated from high school.  It’s good to have memories of old friends, but what I’m gettin’ at is to make sure yuh appreciate the ones yuh have now.  There’s no tellin’ when yuh might be called to the Father’s house, but then agin, if the trumpet were to sound, my pards and I would all go up together.  Now, that’s somethin’ else to be ponderin’, especially in this day in which we live.
    Well, yuh must have liked the coffee this mornin’, yuh done drank the whole pot.  Well, I see yuh have to be rushin’ off.  Thanks, Pard, for comin’ by and sharin’ yur time and gracin’ my table.  Glad the coffee was to yur likin’ this mornin’ and be sayin’ a little prayer for ol’ Parson Tom.
    Don’t go lettin’ yur mind go to wonderin’ that yuh don’t forget to check yur cinch.  I know I need to be buildin’ up my prayer life, but fallin’ off yur horse, that just ain’t the way to do it.