Coffee Percs

Physicians say that coffee without cream is more wholesome, particularly for persons of weak digestion.  There seems to be some element in the coffee which combined with milk, forms a leathery coating on the stomach, and impairs digestion.”
       –The Buckeye Cookbook (1883)

Mornin’ Pard, it was shore hard to put that big toe on the floor this mornin’.  Whew, but once I done it, I was able to move on to the kitchen and make the coffee.  Yuh know, Pard, there are times I shore miss bein’ out on the trail, or campin’ up in the high lonesome.  Good thing this ol’ fence post made memories to store him up for this time of life.
    I’ve been tryin’ to get folks from puttin’ that stuff in their coffee–dilutin’ it they are.  Well, there’s documentation that it shouldn’t be done right at the top of the page, and it’s from a doctor who put it in a cookbook back more than a century.  I know Pard, there’s some who just have to be flavorin’ the pure thing.  Ahhh, but it’s good.
    Believe it or not, this is my eldest granddaughter’s birthday.  Yep, she is goin’ on seventeen, my mercy, where does the time go?  She’s shore grown up.  Thankful that she is bent on servin’ the Lord; after all, there’s nothin’ more important than that.  Pot’s still half full, what’s the matter Pard, usually yuh’ve swallered a couple cups by now.
    Let me tell yuh somethin’ else.  There’s a great day comin’ and I think it’s been written on the calendar.  No, yuh fool, I’m not talkin’ ’bout next year’s election.  I’m talkin’ ’bout the Day of the Lord.  It surely must be arrivin’ soon with all of the bizarre wickedness that is out there.  Yuh mark my words–if the Lord don’t make it back soon, there’ll be more evil.  Pity the person is around after the rapture when wickedness will abound and rule.  We had all best be ready for that Day.
    Swaller than last cup and let’s get ready for the day.  I’ll be headin’ for a birthday party, don’t know what you’ve got planned.  Whatever it is Pard, yuh be shore and check that cinch.