Coffee Percs

He built a small fire and cooked some ham and beans he’d bought at the mercantile.  He made a pot of Arbuckle’s and enjoyed every sip.”
              –R.O. Lane  (Will Fain)

    Pard, come in here, the coffee’s ready.  I’m fed up with all that ego-stupidity in Washington.  I’m sure not goin’ to let it wear on my Thanksgivin’.  Those folk don’t know their gee from their haw.  Good thing that in the long run the Lord is in charge of it all, hmmm, in fact, He’s in charge even in the short run.
    Never in all my born days have I seen such hatred.  Taste that coffee and let it fill yur innards before I continue.  I was doin’ some readin’ this week and I found out that the Greek word for hatred means “malicious and unjustifiable feelings towards others.”  The Pharisees hated Christ–they had unjustifiable feelings and were definitely malicious.
    Finish that cup, since I’ve the pot in my hand.  Let’s go on to brighter things.  They ain’t goin’ to listen to this ol’ fence post anyway, and there’s nothing I can do about the situation except get my innards uptight.  Thanksgivin’ is approachin’!  Yeehaw!  As soon as we finish our coffee I’ll be headin’ on out to the camp.  It’s goin’ to be a time to be celebratin’ all the Lord has done for us.  Thank the Lord for what you’ve got, as there are some without much.  Ask the Lord to be takin’ care of them too.
    So you be havin’ yurself a grand Thanksgivin’, and be thankin’ the Lord that not once this year have you forgotten to check yur cinch.