Coffee Percs

“Rousting around, I got some sticks, some dead brush, and a few pieces of driftwood left from storms, and I made a fire.  Then I put water on for coffee.”
               –Louis L’Amour

Gray light’s appearing, so sit down and let’s have some coffee.  Ahhhh, that hits the spot this mornin’.  Been sittin’ and my ol’ gizzard is startin’ to simmer.  Yah know the difference between simmerin’ and stewin’ don’t yah?  Simmerin’ is when something is beginnin’ to get you mad; stewin’ is when you start to fret over something.  There’s a lesson for today.
I guess it’s the downright stupidity of some things and some folk.  Besides the evil in the world, a person has to be careful of stupid folk as well.  At least 2-3 times a week when I drive to work in the mornin’ some fool runs a red light.  I’m not talkin’ “orange,” these are downright red.  Then we have the quarterback; he should have lived 100 years ago to see some problems.  And notice his supporters?  They have no clue was suppression is.  How ’bout the swimmer from Stanford, servin’ on 3 months of his sentence.  That judge was a loon to begin with.  Speakin’ of loons.  The IQ in the U.S. a decade ago was 104, and I see it has dropped to 93.  Well, we can sure see the results of that if we look at who the people put in the White House and those backin’ the H-factor.
Let me pour another cup.  Maybe that’ll ease the troubles a-churnin’.  I know it won’t but it’ll make me feel some better.  Oh, and this could get me to stewin’; they say that coffee will be cut in half by 2050 because of climate change.  Whew, I was thinkin’, at least it’ll wait until 2050.  I’ll be drinkin’ that heavenly brew by then.
Sorry pard, didn’t mean to take my ventin’ out on you, but so easy to tell a person who shares coffee with you each Saturday mornin’.  Nah, I really doin’ alright, the Lord’s in control.  In the meantime this is my chili fixin’ weekend.  Goin’ to get the pots a simmerin’ in a bit; right now lookin’ for an ol’ brown boot to sorta set the flavor.
Check that cinch, pard.  With all the fools out there yah just can’t be too careful.

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