Coffee Percs

We sat down at a rough, oblong table and he poured us up a steaming tin of the strongest coffee I’d ever put in my mouth.”
              –J. Lee Butts (Lawdog)

Set yurself down Pard.  Yuh look weary.  Say, watch those spurs under the table. Yuh scratch the floor an’ we’ll both be in a heap of trouble.  Why little things can get a person in an uproar.  I recall the time that one of the wives threw away the pie box at the camp.  It was a box that I took back and forth from home.  I’d take it to camp filled with a pie, they all liked butterscotch, and take it back home empty for a refill.  No box, no way to transport a pie.  See, a little thing an’ it caused consternation.
    You jist sit there, sip yur coffee, take a deep breath and enjoy a few minutes of life.  Sure was a lot of goin’s on this week.  The ol’ rodent was checkin’ for his shadow, the State of the Union address, the acquittal of the President in his trial and all of the angst that caused, plus I heard that one of the old-timers went on to be with the Lord.
    How’s the coffee?  Good, ain’t it; I made it ‘specially strong this mornin’ for the doin’s of the day.  Back to my thinkin’, the bureaucrats were up to their shenanigans and if a body listened to all of it the gizzard would plumb drown inside a person.  That bile would overflow the liver and that poor gizzard wouldn’t stand a chance.
    No, in times like these we jist have to take our lot in life, trust in the Lord, for that’s what we’re supposed to be doin’ anyway, not trustin’ to the likes of those politicians.  But through this mess, I smiled more’n once.  Now take a swaller, you ponder this–there is a Mr. Pelosi.
    Yeehaw!  Dwell on that if’n yur havin’ a hard time.  Don’t let all those squabbles make yuh forget to check yur cinch.  Aren’t yuh glad God is in charge?