Coffee Percs

Book Cover

“They had a small fire going in the fireplace and a coffee-pot on the coals.”      –Louis L’Amour

Bit of a hurry today pard, but will take the time for a cup or three with you before headin’ out.  Traipsin’ over to East Texas for a quick trip this mornin’, deliverin’ the wife so she can go up and be with the grandson on his birthday.  My, how time flies.
Yesterday I had a dozen thoughts flittin’ through the ol’ gray matter, but this mornin’ can’t get one recalled.  It’s just somethin’ the way the world is turnin’ these days.  It surely makes me keep lookin’ up, for time on this earth must surely be drawin’ to an end.  There are those times I think I hear the heavenly steeds gettin’ prepared to ride down from heaven.
I might as well put an ad on here since I did on facebook.  Believe it or not–this ol’ fence post wrote a book.  I had some troubles with the formattin’ this time; learned some lessons, but this copy should be ready by the end of September.  The title:  The True and Unbiased Life of Elias Butler.  A man finds a trunk in an old barn and it is full of “stuff” that was his great grandpa’s.  This story is when his great grandpa was a young man and was forced to leave Tennessee after the Civil War and comin’ to Texas.  It depicts his first ride up the trail from Texas to Abilene.  There pard, end of ad, and, oh my, the end of the coffee as well.
Time for one more quick cup, and then hit the trail.  Don’t forget tomorrow to remember 9/11, and while you’re at it, better check your guns.  Don’t let anyone fool yuh, there is evil out there lurkin’.
Yep, I’m not in such a hurry that I’ll not check my cinch–you be sure and do the same.