Coffee Percs

Sudden like, the pot erupted spewing coffee from its spout.  He lifted it from the fire for a moment to let it settle some, then attached it back on the hook to boil a little longer.  After pouring a little water from his cup down the spout to help settle the grounds, he nodded at me.”
               –D.C. Adkisson (Trouble at Gregory Gulch)

“I’ve got the corooonaavirus blues…”  Oh, sorry, Pard, didn’t notice yuh standin’ at the door.  Yuh want to know what that howlin’ was?  That was just me singin’ the blues–the coronavirus blues.  No use bein’ down in the jaws over it, don’t want to be steppin’ on my lower lip.
    Coffee’s ready, set yurself down an’ I’ll bring yuh a cup.  Did I wash my hands?  Now don’t yuh get to irritatin’ me.  Talk about irritatin’… did yuh see where smart-alek kids are goin’ through the produce section in stores and spittin’ on the food?  Someone needs to grab holt of them and dab some of that superglue on their lips, that will shore ‘nough stop their spittin’, but reckon that wouldn’t work as they’d have to snort their food through their nose.  There’s enough fear out there that stupidity don’t need to be tossed on top of it.
    Coffee’s good, the Lord is watchin’ over us, and with the storm yesterday, I found that the roof don’t leak.  Listen – the Lord expects us to be people of faith and common sense.  We aren’t to by hyper/super spiritual, and we don’t run ’round like the infamous “Chicken Little.”
Read Proverbs to find out what a fool is, then look at the news and yu’ll see plenty of them actin’ and spoutin’ out their nonsense.
    ‘Bout time to head back out to that cruel world.  Keep yur distance from folk out there, especially the fools.  And don’t become one yurself by not checkin’ yur cinch.